10 Interesting Russian Beer Facts

Do you know that your favourite Russian beer is hundreds of years old? But even after so many years, this beverage has not gone out of style and still going strong regardless of the passage of time. 

You’ll be surprised to know that there are so many interesting things about the best Russian beer that you might not be aware of. If you are curious to know about the fun beer facts, read on and get amazed by the 10 intriguing things about the world’s highly consumed alcoholic beverage.

1. Beer contains vitamins

Did you know that due to its several ingredients and fermentation process, the beer includes lots of vitamins and minerals? Beer has several vitamins like B1, B2, B6 and B7 (biotin). As per the scientific studies, vitamin V is essential to improve your concentration and also supports the formation of RBCs. Therefore, it has a positive impact on your cardiovascular system, helps the nervous system to work properly and stimulates metabolism.

2. Beer is vastly popular in Russian

One of the well-known Russian beer facts is that it’s the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country. A large population in Russia loves quality beer. So, if you ever visit Russia, don’t forget to order a premium beer. 

3. Larger beer producers in Russia

In 2020, there are around 1285 beer producers only in Russia itself. From small and medium-sized breweries to large international companies, there are so many producers of the world’s most consumed beverage in Russia. 

4. Larger consumption of beer in Russia

Russia ranks number 32 in the list of countries in terms of beer consumption per capita with value 54.8L. The total national consumption of the country is 8,405 mln I/year. As of 2019, around 771 mln hl beer was produced in Russia. The most popular beer styles are IPA/APA, Wheat Ales, Porter and Larger. These styles are available in most parts of the world without any hassle. 

5. Beer in Russia is categorized by its colour, not fermentation!

In Russia, beer is categorized by its colour, ABV and gravity – NOT by its style or yeast used for its fermentation. Therefore, here beer is looked upon simply as light or dark. Keep this in mind, if you have to order a beer in this country. 

6. Light beer or dark beer?

According to the Russian market analysis, 80% of the beer consumers prefer light filtered beer. This means the second preference is given to the dark beers with 12% consumers. And, the rest 8% enjoy light unfiltered beer. The most popular craft breweries in Russia are Jaws Brewery, AF Brew, Bakunin and Vasileostrovskaya. 

7. Do you know why you say cheers?

When beer is served, you often say “cheers.” But do you know how did this ritual take place? Well, in ancient times, a clinking sound arose to protect the lives of people. In the Middle Ages, the cheerful clinking of beer tankards were supposed to done to ensure that contents are not poisoned! It was assumed that the merry clinking of beer tankards would cause beer spilling from one container into another. This way it was assumed that the drinking companions were not harbouring any evil intentions like killing you off. But in the modern era, this ritual is for friendliness, as this gesture is done to give a happy nod to each other just before the first sip. 

8. Beer doesn’t cause beer belly!

Generally, the beer must not be blamed for “beer belly.” Rather, its components like malts, hops and alcohol blend to stimulate your appetite. So, if drinking beer makes you crave more for fatty food consumption, all the extra calories might mean that you’ll gain the “beer belly.” But it’s not just because of the beer alone. The rule is that “Beer doesn’t make anyone fat – but it may increase your appetite!” 

9. Marijuana is Beer’s Cousin!

Hops, which are the flavouring agents in beer, are from the same Cannabaceae family that includes Cannabis sativa, the marijuana plant.  

10. Beer > Water

In the middle ages, people used to drink beer more than water. This is because alcohol in beer was considered safe to drink compared to water. In Russia, beer was declared as an alcoholic beverage only after 2013. You’ll be surprised to know that in Belgium alcohol was even served in most school refectories. So, now you can chant – “Drink beer, save water!”

So, these were some interesting facts about Russian beer. Which one of these ten facts amazed you the most? Do you also know any other interesting facts about beer? If so, feel free to share it with us. 

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