Back to Office: How You Should Manage the Return to Work after the Lockdown

Coronavirus global pandemic has affected companies and businesses nationwide. Even if the lockdown measures are loosened in some countries, things are not as regular as before. There will be an irregularity in the working hours, and social distancing norms will be strictly followed by EHS Solutions. However, the re-opening of the economies will demand a heavy workload for the employees to generate substantial revenue for the companies. 

Easing the lockdown measures will not change the global scenario for pandemics, and people need to be cautious until the pharmaceutical industry discovers a vaccine. While returning to the respective workplace, some guidelines and restrictions should be followed by people to avoid contamination and keep the workplace safe and healthy. 

Address the Risks of Pandemic

Every organization should address and accept the risks of the coronavirus spread and thereby ask the employees to strictly follow the norms laid down by the government for practicing social distancing. There is a high need to identify the threats and risks areas so that essential steps for preventive measures are taken well ahead of time. 

The pertaining risks inside the work premises must be communicated to the employees with a health and safety solution, and each worker must be guided with the precautionary measures undertaken by the organization. An effective and efficient communication tool must be created, which can generate news regularly, and any update shared by the HRBP should be communicated and shared for high reachability. 

Revision of Guidelines for Workplace

There is an immediate requirement for reconstituting the rules and guidelines of the workplace. Apart from social distancing, the organization should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a regular interval of time. Apart from the basic hygiene maintained in the company, there should be the installation of sanitizers, and consistent availability of fresh masks for the employees and workers must be provided. 

There is a need to increase the distance between each workstation or desks to maintain social distancing norms. For adopting high standards of hygiene, the workers are guided to clean their hands regularly and sanitize their hands after touching any surface. Meetings and huge gatherings must be avoided until the situation is improved, and most of the team gathering should be shifted to an online platform. 

Employee Retention and Furlough

Businesses need to understand the requirements and needs of processes and verticals. As per government norms, not all of the employees are allowed to work as per before. Therefore, there might be a shift in human resource management. Businesses should bring back the staff who are indispensable for everyday routine work and are a beneficial asset for the company. 

Employees should be asked to come and report on a timely basis, and their schedules must be revised so that there are a handful of people available in the office during a specific period. Companies should bring back their employees in shifts and avoid calling them in one go. There is an essential need to recognize the role of business requirements, and then HR should act accordingly to bring the employees to the workplace.

Regularization of Working Hours

During the global pandemic, every aspect of life is hindered. There is a lack of transport facilities as per the strict social distancing norms laid down by the government is concerned. Employees will face difficulty in commuting to the workplace regularly. Therefore, companies should reconsider their placements for employee workplaces. 

HR should plan to shift employees to different office spaces or telecommuting spaces for easy access to their residences. In this way, there will be a lot of time saved, and employees can focus on their work. The working hours should be regulated so that there are a handful of employees inside the office premises. 

Companies should recognize and address various new ways to support the social distancing and hygiene of the employees. While entering the premises, there should be a thorough temperature check for the employees, followed by sanitation and cleanliness must be taken care of.

Remote Working Principles

The employees are working under stressful conditions while distancing from each other in the workplace. However, some rules have led to the development of the concept of working from home. Even after the lockdown measures are loosened, there are chances of not attending the office regularly. As companies cannot call all of their employees to work full time, it is essential to lay down the guidelines for remote working principles following SAP EHS Management

It will help the workers to understand business requirements and reporting. Some of the employees located distantly will not come back to their work any sooner. Therefore, remote working principles are highly required amidst this crisis. 

Digital Transformation and Security Measures

Besides physical hygiene, an organization must opt for digital transformation and cleanliness. During this period, where every employee was working from home, there might be severe consequences that may hamper their systems by SAP EHS Management Solution and can be affected by complicated threats and security breaches. 

Businesses need to integrate cloud storage and access facilities to ensure all the essential business information is synced for privacy. All the laptops and computers used by the employees should be protected by the employer, and a virus scanner must be installed. Businesses can provide their systems in locked condition to their respective employees to work from home, from where they could not transfer the data to another place and follow the strict regulation for security breaches.


As a responsible employer, companies should support their staff amidst this pandemic. It is not mandatory to force every employee to show up at work every day or force for extra hours. Companies should lose the terms of working hours for the time being and start working for the betterment of administration and operation to cope up with the pandemic. The measures and programs will eventually restore the previous confidence in businesses. 

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