Office Networking Problems Solved By Asus Rt-Ac51u Router

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Working in a corporate office can be pictured as a tedious job to have a lot more often than not. It is a stereotype entangled in a few facts that disappear in the background. I’ve had bad days in my office too. We are supposed to meet targets and complete tasks in small amounts of time. Failing to do which results in payment cuts and a sound amount of yelling from the main guy. I had a legitimate problem with the internet connection in my office and it really pissed everyone off including myself. The problem was that the range was quite scanty. In spite of being available all around the office, the range was bad and therefore the signal strength was awful and hence the speeds decreased. This resulted in delayed work and therefore a bad impression on everyone at the office. One day I got really sick of it and gathered everyone in the office and asked them to join in and request for the changing of the internet router. We convinced them to replace the scanty existing one for the internet connectivity monster, the Asus rt-ac51u router setup

Setting up the Asus router

We brought in the router and set it up In the office. We practically didn’t have to do anything. We just needed to power it up, connect it to a personal computer and access the setup link i.e. Asus rt-ac51u login  can be done both by typing in the IP address of the router or from the link We were really happy after this change of routers. We got an instant change in connectivity and speeds. This Asus router was a monster in terms of speeds and range. We never had a bad connection after we brought it in. The next thing we knew, we had to constantly keep the firmware of the router updated in order to keep it working in an optimal way.

How to update Asus rt-ac51u firmware?

You don’t have too much of a tech geek to figure this one out. All you need to do is keep logging in to the setup link to check for updates. Once you find the update ready you can trigger the push button for automatic firmware update and it will install it all by itself. We found out that the router would remain non-functional during the update procedure and therefore we were not able to do it during office hours. I had to step forward to stay back after office hours and complete the updates whenever present. It was a nice feeling anyhow. We had brought in a good product and it had done its job in making our corporate office jobs a lot less tedious than they were with a bad connection. Upgrades in all ways. I never missed a deadline after the installation of the Asus router. Neither did any of it happen to any of my colleagues. It was the best decision we made in terms of connectivity.

Asus rt-ac51u review 

Right off the bat, the router is far more powerful than any of the other routers in the dual-band scene. With a total of speeds reaching up to 3000 Mbps with a share of 2300 Mbps to the 5 GHz band. The power is immense. It is very reliable in terms of performance and is considered consistent. The design is very compact and kind of futuristic which is a big-time aesthetic to the younger generation. Apart from the performances, Asus is known for its frequent updates and this allows the router to be consistent with the speeds and network strengths, not to mention the security features.

The stylish design is not to be taken lightly as the router is a reinforced one and is strong and resistant enough to withstand falls without taking damage. The device is quite impressive and has multiple features like Asus EZ print sharing. In its price range, it is inarguably the best performing wireless router available in the dual-band wireless router arena. Strongly recommended for heavy internet users like gamers and also suggestable for industrial uses such as offices. A great device and worth every penny spent on it. A deserving jack of all trades. You can easily get connected on for any other details.


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