The advantage of new zealand tourist visa

Fresh Zealand visas are very easy and easy to obtain. You just have to apply for a visa from New Zealand. Opt Best Immigration Adviser in Christchurch.

New Zealand Visa Fees Include

Cover letter indicating travel information, passenger information, visit intention and stay period. The letter should be properly signed and forwarded to The Immigration New Zealand, New Delhi according to competence, by approved signatory, with company stamp.

Duly approved and signed by an official bank account, the original bank statements that represent transactions over the last 6 months.

Some countries have certain visa requirements for entry, exit and transit. You have to review the departure or transit criteria if you are transiting or exiting from another country. You will do so with the government authorities involved, your airline or your travel agency.

  • Revenue tax The past 3 years’ returns
  • Further records

If you hire the applicant:

  • Last 3 months, wage sips
  • Employer ‘s initial leave letter

If the complainant is a business owner or an autonomous person:

  • Company Registration Certificate / Business Certificate (MOA / Proof of Land / Covenant of association, etc)
  • Letter covering head of letter and the financial records

When the applicant comes for his or her honeymoon in New Zealand. 

Application for a physical visa

In order to fly to, reach, or stay in New Zealand, you do not have a visa sticker in your passport.

You may however request an eVisa from INZ if you have a physical label (sticker) in your passport.

A request form is required and a fee is charged.

Parent NOC letter

Initial card of marriage

Initial images of engagement (number 5-10)

Visa form Download

Visas shall be approved within 35 working days of submission of a document but visa approval is required at the Consulate ‘s discretion

Both documents should be notarized or accredited and the colour copy scanned

If the application is required to photocopy a passport for visa processing, a supplementary fee of Rs 50 per passport will apply.

Fees for consultancy

This is very easy to obtain the download form online.

NZ Working Holiday Visa — Migration Associates

Visa application for New Zealand FAQ

What documents are required to obtain a visa from New Zealand?

(1) Original and old passports where applicable.

(2) 2 recent colour pictures taken with a matte finish on a white backdrop (35 mm x 45 mm and 60% – 80% close-up)

Note: Images should be scanned and stacked and not used in a previous visa for more than three month.

3) Cover letter showing travel information, traveller information, visit intention and length of stay. The letter should be properly signed and sent to The Immigration New Zealand in New Delhi as required by law by an approved signatory with a corporate stamp.

(4) Original bank statements reflecting transactions over the last 6 months duly certified, signed by a banking official.

5) Returns of the last three years of income tax.

1) If you are hired by the applicant:

  • the last 3 months salary slips
  • Employer ‘s initial leave letter

(2) Where the applicant is an owner or an independent company:

  • Company Registration Certificate / Incorporation Certificate (MOA / Company Proof / Partnership Certificate, etc.)
  • Letter coverage and financial documents for the business letterhead.

3) If for his honeymoon the applicant is going to New Zealand:

  1. (i) Parents’ NOC letter
  2. ii) Original card for marriage
  3. iii) Initial pictures of dedication (number 5-10). 

All these are the tourist visa importance to be followed applying for a tourist visa, this is very easy and good to get the tourist visa. Opt for a New Zealand Tourist Visa.

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