Types of Penile Conditions and Diseases

One of the things men are pretty good at is the size of their nature. Most often, size refers to the length to which men are most sensitive. It is undoubtedly debatable when we can say that the organ is long enough, but several men are quite clear about this and have gained certainty only based on some readings and the like.

Yes, one thing is the average number, but the reality is another. Of course, women like to be able to achieve a vaginal orgasm thanks to the long enough p*nis of their physical partner. Still, personally I think that this topic is quite overestimated.

As for the issue of organ length, there are only two problems. The first is an organ that is too short, and the second is an organ that is too long. Although in this post, I focus more on the short p*nis problem, even the opposite situation can cause problems for some men.

Let’s discuss both issues in detail:

Short p*nis: If your p*nis is only slightly smaller than the mentioned average, I would definitely not take it as a problem with its length. There must be some tolerance. However, I admit that if the p*nis is shorter than 10 cm, it can be a problem, even with regard to some individual experiences and practices. How to tell if organ is shorter?

If it is not a medical cause associated with pain, your partner could be a good measure. It is not essential to just look at the number but to really find out whether a woman can feel the organ in her vagina enough and whether physical intercourse causes her enough pleasure. If so, then the length of your genitalia may not bother you so much. If not, something requires to be done about this condition. But the partner also plays roles here.

Long p*nis: A completely reversed problem is an organ that is too long. I don’t think I have to explain how it manifests itself. Instead, it is essential to know the limit at which it is already possible to speak of the organ as extremely large. However, I would also be very careful about setting this limit. Why? Because it depends on several individual circumstances.

The first is the feeling, because even a man with a p*nis length of 18 cm, for example, may not be satisfied enough. The second is the overall physical condition, because, for example, an obese man will perceive the length of the p*nis differently than a thin man. In general, however, I would summarize that if your p*nis is longer than 20 cm, it is already too long.

Causes of short organ problems

The problems described above occur in men, mostly due to two types of causes. We can include a psychological factor in the first category, i.e., it is not directly a physical disorder. The second category comprises physiological reasons that can be more easily identified.

Here are the most common causes of short organ problems

Genetic causes: If genetics and heredity “endow” us with too short nature, it is not a disease cause, but it is definitely a congenital condition. The most common problems are the hypothalamus in the brain. Its subsequent lack of functionality causes a genetic disorder in the development of the p*nis, which can then be shorter in the erect state than an average of 5 or more centimeters.

Peyronie’s disease: Behind this name lies the pathological formation of rigid ligaments of the organ, which causes its bending, shortening, and loss of the inevitable flexibility for sufficient enlargement due to erection. This disease is also manifested by pain during love intercourse and problems with the quality of erection.

Developmental disorders of the urinary tract: The urinary system can develop differently, and there are also developmental disorders, which then affect the length of the organ. It can be a drop of the urethra inwards or an appearance of the bladder on the surface. In both cases, a short p*nis is a consequence and a symptom of such a developmental error.

Prostate Problems: Have you had prostate problems, or are you still going through them? The prostate affects the length of the p*nis much more than you think. Even if it is removed, a very common side effect is the shortening of the p*nis size. Prostate enlargement, in turn, can cause erectile dysfunction to overcome your erection get best pills like Fildena at himsedpills and Vigora.

Overweight: Of course, the excessive presence of fat in the lower abdomen can make it shorter when measuring your p*nis, even visually. Likewise, during s**ual intercourse, you cannot penetrate deep enough into a woman’s vagina with the organ, which again encourages problems with the p*nis’s length. There can be many causes of overweight, but probably the most common is a low lifestyle and an immoral lifestyle.

Insufficient erection: When naming the causes, we must not forget one of the most common reasons affecting the length of the p*nis, and that is a poor erection. As I said at the beginning, measure and evaluate the organ size only in a state of complete erection Fildena 150mg is best ED pills. If there is even a minimal weakening of the erection, the p*nis is smaller, which has a significant effect on the quality.

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