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Hundreds of leaders worldwide read stories about themselves. This has contributed to an immense visibility for our blog contributors.

In the Author Bio that was published with their article for further publicity, guest contributors may add a link to their website and to their social media account. Following the publishing of the new original article on About Leaders, authors may also post the article on other websites.

Many of our writers link to their articles on their resumes and abstracts on About Leaders to demonstrate their expertise, initiative and perspective.

When it’s about an article we get picky. Your post will fall into one of the 2 categories below,

  • Graphics
  • Interaction of visuals
  • Proper Information
  • Media News
  • Business/Marketing Strategies

You can take both fields and see how you can use them for your company. For example, charts can be used to solve several can HR problems effectively.

Below are some of our guest posts so far. Guest posts with details, photos , and videos are more likely than not to be released, as you can see. Download and share some love with you by posting.

How to use idea maps for knowledge analysis and management

What you need to know about fundamental theory

5 best practices for company process visualization

Why every beginning needs proper and authentic knowledges

3 Types of teamwork equipment for start-ups

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Submission Guidelines

  • Your article must contain more than 1000 words and give our readers something worthwhile.
  • Up to 2 independent links can be given. Another on your website (nofollow link) and another in your profile, on any social media platform. To add value to the post, you are free to connect with other content tools. Yet please do not over-connect. In general, the relation count should be kept about 5.
  • Links to our blog outgoing must be important. For example, SEO companies, Credit related websites etc. are unable to connect to dating sites.
  • In order to make the article more concise, add subheadings, bullet points, pages. H3 tags will be the subheadings.
  • Our right to make minor changes to your article is reserved.
  • You will never post it somewhere else, including your own site, after it is published on our forum.
  • Pictures are encouraged and videos make the article look nice and attract the attention of readers.
  • Pictures will have a width of 580 pixels or less. As a separate attachment, please give them.
  • Be sure the images are not abused by copyright. If possible, offer credit.
  • Gantt charts use those contained in our diagram group if you use advanced diagrams like flowcharts.
  • Please fill in the following form to apply your article request.

We wanted to open up our guest posts to give our readers and business owners the opportunity to develop their brand. We therefore like to work with real individuals rather than with Advertisers. Before sending us your piece, please get to know us a little better. Track us and post our other posts on our social media platforms. It increases the chances of being published substantially.