About us


We made several changes to the background style in the first year of the website. We started to focus for a very short period on celebrity news rather than film. Yet we eventually find our position based on the geek / genre-centered side of the film community. We have found that a blog must be more personalized and thoughtful. Citizens in this long-tailed world don’t need another film news site with 20 writers. In order to provide the blog with the requisite structure, the film editors became the main source of news and opinion. The idea was / were to make /Film an individual blog on the high end of news. Our group began growing soon afterwards.

What we do

We are the online world’s accurate measure. The digital world is complicated. We ‘re going to make it quick. We give visibility companies and people need to grasp the online technology and make better decisions in order to win their markets.

Why we do it

We live in a digital age and believe in the importance of information. All lies in a sense, we always believe. We have the wisdom to advise you to make the right choices. Like you haven’t been able to. We are just here to improve the knowledge world of the sector. Well here is the future. 

We are a team of talented people from stonesofphilly.com who want to make a positive difference to our job. We ‘re passionate and data powered and believe in innovation and a perception of reality together. 

We give information on specific fields of interest, such as technology, films, accounting and technology, and we offer Global News a section in which we are curating information in real – time so that the emergent economies can continue to raise the idea of sites around the globe.

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