10 Tips for Big and Tall Men to Dress Right

Dress Right

Dressing stylish can be a tricky thing for tall and big men. Dressing well matters a lot as it is about presenting your body in the best and most flattering way possible. Most brands produce churn out clothes that fit the average height person, but very few cater to the needs of those who may not fit into small or medium sizes. The clothing textile might not have caught up yet with tall and fat men dressing; there are things you can do to make their style statement. If you’re among those on the extreme side of tall, short, slim, or bulky, you may find a tough time finding the right clothes for you according to your body shape and size. 

If you ask a woman what type of man they want? So, most women would use the words “tall, dark, and handsome” to describe their ideal man. This article is for all those who think that they will not look nice in their dress-up shirt, so here we are going to cheer you all those men who buy Plus Size men’s Clothing. We will tell you secret tips to dress uprightly.

Balance is Key

Tall men need to break the vertical and try a linear effect to keep the upper and lower halves in equal proportion. All tall and big men must remember to wear clothes that help them balance the top half of their body with the bottom half. 

You should avoid wearing a vertical line shirt or t-shirt as it will show you more prominent and taller. Try to wear clothes with horizontal lines made of heavier fabrics to appear shorter or more balanced. I’m sure everyone loves to create a powerful impact when meet people, so you need to focus on your dress up. Formal shirts for tall men in Pakistan are available in physical stores and also on e-stores.

Focus on the Fit 

If you already have the bulk of clothing items that don’t fit you well on your body structure, get them altered, or just put them away because dressing sense plays an important role everywhere. Wear only those clothes that fit you well. If they’re too small or too large for your structure, don’t try to wear them again. For instance, you wouldn’t add to your length by wearing high-heeled shoes and tall hats. However, if you’re comfortable wearing a classic flat cap, go right ahead!

Get the Right Jackets, Coats, and Blazers

It is advised never to wear cut slip or cropped jackets, coats, and blazers as they’ll only make your legs look longer. Always pick them in heavy fabrics that sit right below your hips to create the illusion of having shorter legs. When buying a trench coat, go for one that falls below your knee and wear a belt over it as it can help break the length size of the coat. If you’re not lean but tall only, single-breasted jackets with normal lapels are your best bet.

To Layer or Not?

Tall and slim men look fabulous in layering dress up. Layering shirt is fashionable and recommended for tall and slim men as it adds bulk and works as a quick fix for them. But if you are bulky, avoid layering as it will make you look huger and large. High neck styles are effective as they hide your neck, making you seem shorter.

Suit Up

It is essential to choose that suit whether its two pc suit or three pc suit, which makes you look sharp in both professional as well as social gatherings way. If you don’t find readymade suits according to your height and body structure, invest in custom-tailored suits. Do get your outfits in solid dark colors such as black, navy, charcoal, gray, and so on with check design as it is too much nowadays but do avoid vertical stripes as they will bring more attention to your height by drawing the eyes upwards.

Don the Dress Shirts

Finding the right fit, go for those shirts that embrace your torso, instead of suffocating them. Avoid loose fitted and long shirts as well. Fitted shirts should work well on a tall man’s body, but if regular shirts are too loose, go for slim-fit shirts. The sleeves’ length should avoid ones whose cuffs keep pulling up around the wrist and the forearm; it gives a bad look. Don’t settle for less if you can’t find your shirt according to your size, so don’t forget you have an option of custom-made or alter readymade shirts.

Tie the Loose Ends

Tall men need to be careful when wearing a tie. Make sure that the tie you wear should neither too broad nor too thin. It would be best if you kept this into your mind to take care of the size and the spread of the collar. 

The Bottom Line

Tall men need to focus on their upper part of their bodies and their lower body. Choose either one depending on wearing low-rise jeans as they give the illusion of shorter legs but make sure the additional fabric does not make them look too big. Avoid wearing a shirt and pants in the same color as it is essential to provide a visual break between the two halves of your body.

Belting It Out

If you are tucking a shirt in, do wear a wide belt with a visual buckle for a horizontal break between the upper and lower sections of your body. 

Feet Fashion

Last but not least, your shoes need to be with minimal heel and thin-soled. Avoid wearing that footwear with pointed fronts as that elongates your legs. 


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