13 Food and groceries which is best for Aphrodisiac

13 Food and groceries which is best for Aphrodisiac 1
13 Food and groceries which is best for Aphrodisiac 1

If you want to support your partner’s sexual desire, passion, and appetite, you should not forget about aphrodisiacs. Food and food are excellent natural remedies with aphrodisiac effects. Many of them affect not the only libido but, in the case of men, also improve erection.

One of the most famous aphrodisiacs in food is seafood, a trendy dinner if you are going to spend a passionate night with your partner. If you drink them with red wine, it is a great combination.

But many more foods and meals in the kitchen can stimulate the sexual senses of both men and women. Let’s look at the best known and most effective, and I firmly believe that I inspire you to something interesting.

Aphrodisiac – food

I’ll start with foods that are aphrodisiacs for both men and women. Several of them may be part of your regular diet, some of which you probably do not consume even occasionally. Such foods include fruits, various spices, confectionery, and even vegetables.

Like it, these are the best foods for sexual appetite:


I will start with the sharply mentioned seafood, specifically oysters. Their aphrodisiac effects have been documented since time immemorial and have a new taste. They also have a lot of vitamins and stimulate libido and sexual appetite in both sexes.


Stinging and sexual appetite are like sisters and brothers. Spice up your sex life. You can just spice of chili peppers, which contain the substance capsaicin. This is payable to the increase of blood flow to the reproductive system, and the result is an increase in sexual desire.


Nuts are a rich source of amino acids and especially minerals such as zinc, which are essential substances for fertility and sexual appetite. Pine nuts, almonds, and walnuts have the most significant aphrodisiac effects.


In the kitchen, we often use spices with aphrodisiac effects, and we don’t even know about it. The secret is to increase their concentration and intensity of use. Good examples are vanilla, cinnamon, rosemary, pepper, mint, ginger, nutmeg, or cloves.


If possible, you can combine nuts or spices with honey. Yes, even ordinary honey is a great aphrodisiac, and it is not for nothing that the first weeks of marriage are called “honey.” You can also try mead, but of course, don’t overdo it.


Coffee is also an excellent stimulant for sexual appetites, precisely due to the caffeine content. Pay attention to two things here. The first is to make it a quality coffee so that no instant coffee will awaken a lion or lioness in you. The second is not to exaggerate. Otherwise, caffeine has a sedative effect.

Pineapple, raspberries, and strawberries

Several fruits are a great natural aphrodisiac, but this trio stands out the most. Also, pineapple is a great detoxifier and contains a lot of vitamin C. Raspberries and strawberries are also rich in zinc. What is even better, you can use them when fooling around in the bedroom.

Garlic and onion

These two types of vegetables are at first sight at odds with the aphrodisiac effects, but only at first glance. They have substances in them that can adequately stimulate blood circulation, which is necessary for s**ual appetite. But both partners must have the same taste try Fildena At Himsedpills.

Chocolate and cocoa

The Aztecs already knew that chocolate and cocoa were exceptional foods with exceptional properties. Quality chocolate with at least 70% cocoa contains antioxidants and several minerals and has stimulating effects on good mental health and sex life.

Red wine and champagne

Wine as alcohol of natural origin is one of the aphrodisiacs, but it is necessary to pay attention to its amount. A smaller volume, such as a cup for dinner, can awaken your senses and improve your potency. However, if you overdo it, on the contrary, it has dampening effects, and you achieve the opposite.


Ginger is suitable for increasing sexual performance, but also for better fat burning, for example. The source can be consumed raw, boiled, or candied and is often used mainly in Asian cuisine. It is an excellent stimulant of blood circulation and also helps women with libido.


An apple is not like an apple. Pomegranate is a great dessert and also an excellent fruit with aphrodisiac effects. It has very positive results, especially in men, which helps increase their libido and sexual potency and improve erections or get Vigora 100 or Fildena 150mg.


The last food with aphrodisiac effects is asparagus. It is an excellent source of energy, which contains several vitamins and minerals. Also, its regular consumption stimulates sex hormones, which has a direct and positive effect on libido.

Aphrodisiacs – foods and drinks that you can combine

Let’s move from individual foods to specific foods. You can use the foods I mentioned above as ingredients, and at the same time, you can mix different drinks with them. There are many options, just choose.

Here are my most proven recipes and combinations:

Oysters with wine

It is probably not a better idea for a romantic dinner, such as oysters and red or sparkling wine. This combination is excellent for both men and women, especially if it is a smaller appetizer or a more miniature main course.

Pasta with garlic and chili

If a man wants to prove to be a skilled chef at his first dinner at home, he should make pasta. It is a tasty and light meal, especially when it comes to dark and healthy pasta. Make them with tomato sauce, a pinch of garlic and chili!

Ice cream with chocolate and nuts 

Quality ice cream sprinkled with pieces of chocolate and nuts. It is a feast for the eyes and taste buds. If you don’t overdo it with the amount and pour the ice cream decently with the liqueur, you have an aphrodisiac made for a passionate night.

Frozen raspberries and strawberries

We are not done with cold desserts, but this will be more “homemade.” Put raspberries and strawberries in the syrup brine in the freezer, take them out the next day, and add whipped cream, and your partner will “eat” you from love and gratitude.

Pomegranates with pineapple

Finally, we kept a healthy fruit bomb. All you have to do is chopped the pomegranate into pieces, add pieces of pineapple, and pour it over pineapple juice, and a delicious aphrodisiac is born!


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