4 Vintage Home Décor Ideas Making a Comeback In 2022

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All homeowners wish to decorate their living spaces with furniture, art, and colors that represent their personality and bring them joy. The desire for beauty and charm is the most natural human instinct, encouraging us to beautify our homes. We all have distinct aesthetic preferences; some adore sleek and minimalist accents, while others are obsessed with vintage themes. Which one are you?

If you’re a homeowner always on the hunt for vintage pieces and delicate antiques, we have great news: vintage home décor is all the rage in 2022. Now, vintage lovers hardly care for fleeting trends, but it’s always nice to keep an eye on the trend radar. 

Interior designers revamp classic color tones, fabrics, and ornate gold carvings to infuse contemporary living spaces with everlasting elegance. Keep reading to explore some enchanting vintage décor ideas to give your home a charming makeover. 

1. Ornate Gold Mirrors 

Beautifully carved ornate gold mirrors are a timeless classic that will never go out of style, and this year, it’s all the rage. Ornate gold and exquisitely carved metals are iconic trends representing regal glamour and interiors fit for a king. A mirror is always a great investment to make a room look brighter and spacious without spending too much money. 

And with an ornate gold mirror, you can transform the character of a shabby entryway or corridor, elevating it with glamour. There’s no need to opt for a Disney castle-themed appeal or a Victorian-era aesthetic. Ornate mirrors blend in beautifully with contemporary interiors and modern furniture, so focus on the aesthetic you wish to create. 

Aside from their beauty, oversized mirrors are highly functional pieces to hide cosmetic damages and glaring repairs. Suppose you want to hide a chunky patch of drywall damage to give your entryway a charming profile. In that case, you can pair a large gold ornate mirror with a sleek console table, adorning it with antiques. But it’s viable to contact experts to fix the drywall as you don’t want to compromise the structure of your house. 

This idea is a quick and budget-friendly fix, but we strongly recommend you get that drywall repair promptly. You see, drywall acts as a barrier between your living environment and scores of hazards, like wind, insulation, moisture, pests, and termites. Covering the damage with a mirror will improve the cosmetic appeal. Still, it won’t stop creepy-crawlies from creeping into your home. 

2. Rich Tones of Velvet 

Velvet is making a dramatic comeback in interior design, and the furniture upgrades will have you applauding with joy. Most homeowners deem vintage furniture and fixtures somewhat unfunctional given their delicate and dainty structures. We all like to dig deep into the comfort of a plush and luxurious couch after a long, tiring day. Well, now you can create luxuriously soft and richly patterned sofas and daybeds with velvet. 

Here’s a terrific idea to revamp your seating furniture: invest in richly toned velvet fabrics for an intensely satisfying reupholstery project. Modern-day designs are glamorous and sleek, infused with contemporary tufting and luxurious Chesterfield. Velvet is an intensely comfortable and charming fabric to revamp your L-shaped sofa, giving your living room a glamorous makeover. 

You can choose between bold and light color palettes, whichever aligns with your room’s color themes. Make a smaller commitment with velvet throws and pillows if you don’t want to invest in bulky velvet furniture pieces. However, consider that velvet is the most functional, comfortable, and durable fabric for everyday-use furniture. 

3. Wicker Baskets & Rattan 

Woven accents are a timeless interior theme that aligns beautifully with multiple décor palettes, including vintage, bohemian, and countryside interiors. You can pair your antiques and rustic wooden furniture with intricately woven wicker baskets and rattan furniture. Most homeowners find rattan furniture, crafted from handwoven rattan vines, more practical and durable than wicker, and rightly so. 

Wicker is a fine choice for decorative and delicate fixtures if you adore adding intricately woven pieces to your living spaces. But if you want to invest in lasting outdoor furniture, rattan chairs and tables are an excellent choice. Many homeowners like to play up their decks, patios, and window seats with rattan day beds and couches. 

You can also invest in beautifully crafted rattan end tables and peacock chairs to give your patio an eclectic, laid-back appeal. 

4. Collectibles & Antiques 

Vintage is not a set of furniture or decorative items that you can buy and display in your home. Vintage embodies a wealth of history and collectibles depicting bygone eras of splendor, glamour, and grandeur. Every year, decade, and century carries a distinct vintage essence, introducing trends and themes representing those eras and prominent trend makers. 

Suppose you are obsessed with the Victorian era and constantly hunting for Victorian collectibles and antiques. In that case, you can stick to Victorian vintage interior themes or infuse them with contemporary styles for an eclectic mix. Many homeowners like to create juxtaposed vintage collectibles and antiques representing multiple eras. 

For instance, you can combine ornate vintage mirrors and frames with a countryside-inspired room filled with rustic wooden furniture. Do you have a prized collection of 50s’ road signs and retro pin-up metal frames? We advise pairing their retro energy with richly toned and dark mid-century furniture for a charming vintage profile. 

If you enjoy collecting antiques and vintage memorabilia, you already have your heart set on a specific theme or century. We advise mixing things up and channeling your love for vintage décor with themes from multiple eras. 

Final Thoughts 

Vintage décor infuses living spaces with an enigmatic and charming personality that stands out and invites the onlookers to explore. From mirrors and sofas to porcelain figurines and vases, every piece tells a different story of art and culture. Designing living spaces with bold and rich vintage personalities demands an eye for vintage gems and timeless antiques. Recreating vintage trends from the 1950s or the 18th century may seem overwhelming, but it all boils down to finding the right pieces. We advise focusing on functionality to avoid investing in furniture or decorative that crumble at the slightest touch.


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