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You might think that the old rusted car standing in your garage might be worthless, but that far from the truth. Even if your vehicle no longer runs, it has a value in the marketplace. Your ticket to some extra chunk of money might be standing at your parking lot. The car that was your soulmate when you were a carefree college student or the truck that have seen better days and was a gift to you from your friend when he moved away can get you a fair deal if you think with patience and smartly. 

The following are some ways you can use your junk car to your benefit: 

1.Sell Off Your Working Old Car to Auto Retailers: 

The first approach of everyone owning a working but old car is to sell them to an auto retailer. However, as more and more gently used and leased vehicles are dominating the market, you might not get a much higher rate for your used car. But this is not something that should deter you, as there are many ways you can spruce up your automobile and get the money out of it. 

2.Propose Extra’s When Selling Your Old Car: 

The smartest way to boost the worth of your working used car is to offer extras to the customers interested in buying it. You can share the service records of your vehicle with prospective customers. It will develop a relationship of trust between you and the buyer. Also, make sure that you inform the potential buyers of any modifications you made. Did you install a music system?, or Did you set up a tracking system for your car? Does your vehicle have modified tires? Such information will entice the buyer to offer more money for your old car. 

3.Be Smart When You’re Sprucing Up Your Car: 

Yes, you must make sure the exterior, as well as the interior of your car, look pristine to make some profit out of your used car. However, it is also necessary to only invest in things that enhance the drivability and safety of your automobile. Investing in car parts like the stereo system will not improve the operability of your vehicle, so it is better to avoid making such decisions. Your car must be able to pass the driving test during the inspection because only then you will be able to sell it on the highest bid. 

4.Scrap Your Car: 

Scraping your car should be the approach when your old vehicle has reached its limit of workability and cannot be used as a means of transport anymore. There are many scrap yards and junkyards that will happily offer cash for unwanted cars. The money you will get in return for your scrap car depends on how much scrap steel your vehicle offers. Either you can go to a junkyard yourself and get yourself a quote, or you can use “cash for car” services who will come to your place and tow the car themselves, so you don’t have to do it yourself. 

Act as a responsible old car owner and make sure that you give all the options mentioned above a try to pocket maximum cash in place of your junk car. 


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