5 Best Kept Secrets Of Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns

Successful B2B Marketing

1) Content Marketing Funnel 

A content marketing funnel usually has 3 stages:

  • The Awareness stage is at the top of the funnel.
  • Consideration or Evaluation stage: Also known as the middle of the funnel.
  • At the bottom of the funnel is the Purchase or Conversion stage.

There has to be a match between the goals of each stage and the content. Content marketing can be a resource that you can use at any stage of the funnel. However, you need to be aware of it and use it properly.

2) Account-Based Marketing (ABM) 

Building targeted relationships through ABM is a strategic marketing approach that relies heavily on personalization to succeed since the content is placed directly in front of prospects rather than relying on prospects to locate it on their own.

Some reasons a company may want to take up an ABM approach is because:

  • Inbound marketing does not generate enough results
  • You have a low level of awareness amongst your target audience 
  • Your company has a complex buying system 

By integrating inbound and ABM, you’ll be able to find new customers and expand your reach. Since inbound focuses on a much larger audience, you can pursue new leads and then target a few leads with account-based marketing. 

With the GetEmail.io services, you can reach out to your prospective customers and target audience. There is simply no better way to find email addresses, build relationships with prospects than to get them to consume your content, share their email with you, and finally make use of their engagement.

3) Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

With AI at its core, marketers can now optimize their marketing campaigns using personalization. This is possible through the use of user data. With the insights gained through data analytics, marketers can now make intelligent decisions by anticipating customer needs and boosting their marketing campaigns.

4) Paid Advertisements 

A paid advertising approach can be useful in supplementing organic traffic. However, if it is done incorrectly, it is not only ineffective but also expensive. Paid ads give your company a wider market. But this is not enough. It needs to reach the right audience.

For paid ads to be successful we have to identify a few factors:

  • Who is your buyer persona or target audience?
  • Your demographic target location: 
  • What platforms will you use? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. And research the types of ads that work best for these platforms. 

5) Marketing Podcasts 

The podcast phenomenon has grown in the last five to ten years. As life gets busier and people have more time, podcasts allow companies and brands to share their messages on-demand and while on the move.

By utilizing podcasts to create brand authority, you can better influence people because people can hear your voice, as well as tap into your emotions to influence their decision. 


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