5 Reasons to use Facebook Messenger for business.

kon karampelas HUBofEFQ6CA unsplash
kon karampelas HUBofEFQ6CA unsplash

Marketing is the key factor in making a product sell and earns a profit. However, we all know a product is sold only when it’s demanded. And demand can only be raised when a product is marketed enough and is readily available to its customers at most affordable rates. And a way to create goodwill for a business is to regularly keep the product on updates considering its consumers’ requirements. 

But when a business has to invest in marketing strategies they have to put on a lot of R&D to find the best marketing platform. 

One of the different marketing platforms available is Facebook. It’s one of the highest used social media platforms across the globe and hence contains marketing potential for almost every industry. 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saw the potential and launched  Facebook messenger defining It as one of the best bridges between billions of Facebook users and brands. They created a new AI-based world of messenger bots who will work as an immediate connection between potential customers and businesses. 

It’s a new program, a new way of marketing, and interacting. That is why businesses and brands are not initiating to invest in the messenger as their primary marketing plan. They are afraid whether the ordinance will accept their brand content or not. They are not sure if consumers will accept AI-based messenger bots on an app that is known for more intimate and one to one interactions. 

To clear this recently Facebook Messenger product manager Sir. Kemal El Moujahid posted a blog and talked about Fb messenger advantages over business marketing and customer interactions. 

By his blogs, we get to know a lot of interesting viewpoints in marketing and are quite convincing. 

You as a business by reading it are not going to switch your strategies completely on messenger but yet you will start considering Facebook messenger as an option that is still evolving. 

Here are 5 Reasons to use Facebook Messenger for business as a growth tool and a brand generator. 

  • It has a billion + users¬†

  This was one of the key points mentioned by Moujahid in his blog. He states that almost a billion-plus people have a Facebook messenger on their devices and use it regularly to interact. A study conducted by PEW research found that messenger is the most commonly used communication and chat service across any social media platform. 

It’s even found that people use approximately 4-6 apps on a daily basis to drive them through their needs and Facebook messenger is one of the top 5 most used apps globally. 

In marketing, it’s always said that a business should grow where it has its consumers or customers. And the above-given data are enough to prove that messenger is emerging as a new platform for all. Yet there are questions like what if people don’t like brand interference in an app that they continuously use for private space and conversations? 

  • Messenger is not just a simple communication medium.

As a brand why will one shift to a simple messaging app to use instead of a full-fledge marketing program? 

Facebook messenger’s artificial intelligence is getting stronger and stronger day by day. The programming in it has enhanced over time and it’s advanced. Now it has a complex user interface, an inbuilt payment option, location sharing, and more. That makes it not just a communication app but an all in one app.

However, what’s not convincing is the number of Facebook messenger bots. It’s just 34000 bots. When noticed we find that none of it really made a difference in our interactions with brands. It’s because Facebook has marketed it as the new cool. But yet we can not find it as a convincing must-have tool. Only after it’s designed to become our day to day essential driver and people start using and recommending it. It’s never gonna make it to marketing and as a client conversation tool. 

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  • The smooth messaging experience

As we know messengers having billion-plus users have got an upper hand in messaging apps. Making a personalized app for a business might be difficult and even harder to market it and surface it to its targeted ordinance. 

And inconvenient for consumers as they have to download an app and signup and start experiencing the benefits however Facebook messenger bots give you the option to work over all your strategies on the rental place of Facebook and grow your business. it increases the consumer experience and interaction with brands. These brands are not trying to pull you off from a platform they are already using but are providing their services within the app which you daily use.

However, Facebook can change the rules at any time leaving brands with no option but to obey. Yet getting a massive audience and potential consumers on a brand’s new app are difficult but to provide the same experience on Facebook is quite convincing and effective.

  • The social nature of the messenger

Messenger is the new social. We can find people using messenger on a daily basis to interact with their loved ones. However, Facebook sees it as a new opportunity for brands to interact with. Messaging is a more personalized experience whereas emails are spamming now. And people are getting comfortable with messaging bots as they are experiencing them indifferent to other apps. They are using Google Assistant AI to interact with it and find solutions to their problem. When brands use Facebook Messenger bots they are going to provide a much-personalized User experience using Facebook artificial intelligence hence converting most of the potential consumers to regular customers.

  • The rapid consumer shift 

We know the audience’s love for technology. We have seen their massive shift towards smartphones. Now when it comes to shifting to interactive brand marketing and programs through an app that they regularly use to interact with individuals is not a big deal to them. They have been using the app to chat and interact with individuals and doing the same with brands won’t be a task for them on the platform to which they are familiar.

Facebook has worked steps ahead of other social media platforms and now made to become a brand for marketing. However to make it all in one app for a business to grow it needs to make its user feel that its functionalities are to increase the productivity in day to day interactions with brands. In order to make Facebook an alternative to WeChat, it needs to push its user interface and artificial intelligence to a better potential making Facebook a more comprehensive platform for everyday activity. 


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