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It doesn’t matter what size your company is or whether it is a local or a multinational business. The word “rebranding” always sends a shiver down everyone’s spine. We do not want to think about it. 

Who would?

It is a tough decision. 

We all know that an upgrade is, in the words of the late, great Agent Smith (The Matrix Trilogy), inevitable. But still, we postpone it and do our best to delay it as much as we can. Sometimes we are thinking of the amount of work that we would have to do to rebrand and sometimes we are just nostalgic. Sometimes, we are just so caught up in work that we don’t realize that it’s time.

Rebranding your business at just the right time can have a lot of perks. If your business is stagnant and there is no growth, rebranding can breathe new life into it. It can help with your marketing. It can help you reach new customers and grow your market segment. On the flip side, if you rebrand your business at the wrong time, there are consequences you do not want to think about. Your marketing and sales will go down the drain and that’s not even the worst of it.

That is why businesses usually prefer to contact a professional and creative digital agency that can guide them and help them with their rebranding. So, when is the time just right to rebrand? 

Read on to find out.

1. You Don’t Have the Right Audience

You might have started your business thinking that you have selected the right target audience. The more specific you choose the better it is. However, after a certain period, you find out that your target audience is not the right one for your products or services. Maybe they are not convinced of the price or maybe the target market you chose was too broad. Several things can go wrong. 

That is when rebranding can really deliver the right kind of advantage. You can change the UI/UX of your website. You can select new keywords to target for your SEO strategy. You could print out flyers and brochures according to the new market. We would suggest going through all the way. Make sure that you make all the changes that are required.

2. It Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Sometimes running a company is more than just facts and figures. Sometimes you have this gut feeling that you cannot get rid of. It tells you that something is not right. You might not be as excited about your business as you were before, or you might not feel proud of it. You don’t feel the motivation every morning that you felt before. Several things can happen.

Do not take this point lightly. You are your business. If you don’t feel right, the business won’t work right. Go for a rebranding strategy and change it so you can feel excited about it again. Chances are that your customers have the same feelings that you have and after the rebranding, they too will feel a surge of energy for your brand.

3. You Are Not Creating the Image That You Wanted

So, you didn’t do a lot of research when finding out your target audience. Or maybe you did do your research but after a while, you found out that it’s not the correct target audience. These kind of things happen. But the consequences can be quite unpleasant; bordering on nasty. People can leave bad reviews for your brand. They can spread the wrong kind of word of mouth. Thanks to the internet, anything that is said about your company can go around the world in mere seconds. Sometimes the criticism is justified and you need to make a change. But sometimes, the criticism is not right. 

So, what do you do? Go for rebranding so you can get rid of the bad reviews and present your business in a new light.

4. You’re not Getting the Right Employees

Every business needs new employees when it grows. But the problem comes when you start seeing the wrong kind of people coming to you for a job. 

Maybe they have the wrong idea about your business. If that is the case, maybe your customers might have the wrong idea too. Even if it’s just the employees, you need people who believe in what you are doing and what they are doing. You need people who are passionate and dedicated.

If that is not the type of people you have then it is time for a rebrand. Change the way people think about you.

5. When a Business Ownership Changes/Merger

So, maybe you have just purchased a running business from someone. Maybe you are satisfied with the image that it has and maybe you’re not. It is always a good idea to rebrand so you can take ownership of it and align the business according to your own goals. Also, it will send a clear message to the consumers as well. The same is true for a merger. The business doesn’t need to run the same way after the merger as it was running before the merger. Let everybody know about it.

Don’t Forget

Business owners and managers can easily neglect the need for rebranding as they are so caught up in their day to day operations that they might not see the signs. But it is something that you should always keep an eye on. 


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