5 Ways to Answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself


‘Tell me about yourself is an open-ended question commonly asked during interviews. The question is to start a conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee. It is similar to saying,’ What does your CV entail?’ It is a question asked at almost every stage of an interview. It is hard to answer such questions sometimes. People report how hard they find answering it. It is essential to understand that the interviewer offers you the freedom to answer the question in an understanding manner. This article examines five ways you can answer this question. They are;

1. Know Your Audience

Before answering the question, you must understand the person you are talking to. Do you have an interview, or is it a normal conversation? When going for an interview, you might get the question, ‘Tell me about yourself at all the stages. It doesn’t mean that the interviewer expects the same answer for all the steps. Sometimes the interview is looking for hard skills related to the job in question when interviewing you. In this case, focus on the ideas associated with the job. 

If you get interviewed by the office executive, try and talk about the overall company mission. Speaking to the boss requires you to get more technical. You can also look for websites where to buy research papers, and learn how to narrow down your answer and focus more on the company’s role. 

2. Match the Answer to the Role of the Organization

Tailoring the answer, you give to the company’s objectives another way you can best answer the question. Most interviewers ask this question to offer the opportunity for you to talk about your interest in the company. Before you answer, make sure you have background information about the company and the job description. Doing extensive research on the company enables you to state your interests clearly. The kind of objectives you give in the process should meet their goals. It is an excellent way to show them that you understand your role well. Make sure to incorporate whatever they ask for to fit in perfectly.¬†

3. Be Brief

Don’t give details like someone writing an essay when answering the question. Providing more information tends to bore the interviewers. Public speaking is a skill tested through this question. It is therefore vital to stay confident and answer the question correctly. The interviewer will want to know whether you can address bosses and co-workers during business meetings. It is up to you to decide if you will take more time to rumble or stick straight to the point. Some coaches will give a specific time to answer the question. At the same time, others will sit and watch you answer. If you don’t get a particular time, try and answer the question in less than a minute. Avoid unnecessary stories like where you went to kindergarten. If you notice the interviewer getting bored, consider it a sign to wrap up. 

4. Maintain Professionalism

The first step of maintaining professionalism when going for an interview is practicing norms acceptable at the workplace, like behavior and dressing up accordingly. Smiling before introducing yourself is also an excellent way to show professionalism and willingness to do the job. 

Keeping it professional during an interview affects how you will be perceived while working with the company. Attention to such details gives you a high chance of impressing the hiring manager. Dressing accordingly shows that you care about reputation more than anything else. Smiling and speaking reasonably may depict a heightened ability to communicate professionally. It becomes meaningless when you can’t answer with all the grooming.’ Tell me about yourself in a professional manner. Nobody wants to hear about your issues regarding this question. Set aside your hobbies unless asked. Make sure whatever you say is relevant to the company objectives. 

5. Practice

Don’t wait until the day of the interview to answer the question for the first time. Be sure to think ahead days or weeks before the interview. Practice home with family or friends. Say it loud and listen to yourself talking. Be keen to notice confidence in your voice. If it is weak, work on it, and it plays a vital role in whether you will get the job or not. Recording yourself and having friends listen to you helps too. The perspective of someone else at this moment allows you to work on areas of weakness. Let friends and family tell if your answer is credible enough for the company. You can also check out for the best KP writing service of the interview and listen to what friends have to say about the question. After getting feedback, be sure to practice and become more confident. Avoid memorizing while practicing. You don’t want to cram something you might forget when you step into the interview room. 

As per the opinion of many hiring managers, the impression you make in the first minute of the interview determines whether you will get the job or not. It is the first impression that colors the entire discussion. How you answer to the question.’ Tell me about yourself; it matters a lot. Make sure you are ready for the question before you step in for interviews. 


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