6 Ways to Better Manage Your Data in The Raiser’s Edge


The Raiser’s Edge has empowered nonprofit organizations to fundraise and manage constituent relationships for over three decades. Whether your not-for-profit only uses this software, combines Raiser’s Edge with other Blackbaud platforms or is pursuing a Blackbaud Salesforce integration, here are six ways to optimize data management strategies for fundraising automation and to gain more meaningful insights.

Practice With Raiser’s Edge Sample Database Before You Get Started

A sample database makes it possible to test the functionality of Blackbaud donor management software and train staff. The ability to practice interacting with records in a contained environment makes it easier for staff to learn how to use all of the functions of this platform without affecting existing records.

Personalize Your Raiser’s Edge Dashboards

The dashboard page can display up to 255 panels and it is possible to create an unlimited number of dashboard pages. Stakeholders should determine which information is necessary to quickly access and set up dashboards accordingly. It is possible to create separate pages for Action, Gift and Solicitor panels. The welcome page of Raiser’s Edge NXT can also display dashboards, favorites, frequent queries documents or reports.

Define Gift Types To Stay On Track

Raiser’s Edge processes donations and can be used to keep gift records. The ability to classify and define the status of cash gifts, grants, pledges, or planned gifts can clarify the actions staff should take to secure funds. This approach to data management is helpful for aligning expected campaign amounts with actual fundraising totals.

Create Custom Constituent Alerts

This platform supports user-defined rules that can lay the groundwork for better data management. Staff can flag records and set up annotations to display immediately upon opening records or interacting with modules. Raiser’s Edge also supports the creation of automatic action reminders set to appear to selected users over a specified period of time.

Make the Most of List Management

Records in Raiser’s Edge are often viewed in lists. Managing the appearance and functions of lists can be a very effective method of data management. Beyond the built-in functions to build new lists, create lists based on existing lists, make lists based on static queries, query lists or filter lists, it is also possible to extend the usefulness of these sets of records by using integration software.

Create and Save Custom Queries

As a query-based system, Raiser’s Edge has extensive functionality for creating and saving custom queries. The Query module enables users to select, group or list records that meet defined conditions. Create dynamic constituent queries with any applicable modifiers you choose and save these settings to gain fast access to records that satisfy set parameters. It may be necessary to have administrator access to make use of the full functionality of this platform’s custom query capabilities.

Raiser’s Edge is legacy software that only recently gained cloud accessibility in Raiser’s Edge NXT. It is still necessary to perform certain tasks in the classic database view. Organizations that adhere to best data management practices can make the most of the powerful query functions built into this dedicated nonprofit platform.


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