7 Cold Calling Mistakes to Avoid in 2021


Some believe that cold calls are slowly fading into irrelevance, but the opposite couldn’t be any more true. Cold calls play an important role in how business is conducted, especially since the rise of the Pandemic.

According to a Pew Research study, responsiveness for cold calls dropped from 9% to 7% and 6% in 2017 and 2018, respectively. One of the largest reasons for the decline has been the rise of robocalls, which occurs roughly 3.4 billion times a month.

However, these rates and statistics have contributed to a series of flawed practices in cold calling. So here are seven deadly mistakes to avoid in 2021.


The prevalence of cell phones and the absence of a landline for many individuals have contributed to low response rates. However, on the few occasions that you do get someone on the line, a lack of training and professionalism can spoil the interaction.

Hiring cold calling services can be a terrific way to increase your campaign’s success. Professionalism can go a long way with establishing credibility and legitimacy in the customer’s need for your product or service.


Be consistent in your efforts. Consistency can look as simple as having an introduction script or developing a specific way of communicating over the phone.

Being consistent does play a part in professionalism, as this can be a quick and easy way to bolster the impression that you are serious. Never underestimate the power of a well-thought-out introduction because you may not get another one.


When a customer answers a phone, they should be greeted by a confident individual on the other line. If you lack confidence over the phone, the customer will know it’s just that simple.

Being confident also plays into professionalism as this can give credibility to the agent managing the call. 

Ensure that you and those making cold calls are prepared for questions by equipping them with proper training.


A lack of clarity is the best way to ruin a cold call. If someone is answering their phone and is unsure who is on the phone, they want to know why you are calling. Be clear with the reason for the call and always be ready to tackle any objections that might arise during the call.


Cold callers are a unique breed of people that must be okay with rejection. If you are doing cold calls all day, you may begin to feel the effects of hearing no, all day. It is natural, but this can be a problem when it comes to delivering consistent results.

Positive Culture

Developing a positive work culture is critical, especially since cold calling can be mentally draining. According to , employees are three times more likely to experience depression when their employer does not value mental health.

Developing a positive work culture and environment for your employees or yourself to work is essential. Making sure that mental health is a priority can greatly increase the efficiency and outcome of each call.


Being prepared to take the call while it is ringing is easily the easiest and most common mistake you can make when cold calling. Always make sure that you are ready to answer the phone when it is ringing.

There can be several reasons why someone might space out when the phone is ringing and feel cornered when someone does pick the other line. And, practicing some of the tips above can help.

For example, delivering consistent responses all the time can make greetings effortless. Make sure that all cold callers are given the appropriate education in order to complete the calls.

In a way, the success of a cold call is predetermined. It is either going to be successful or unsuccessful before it has been placed.

In Conclusion

It’s hard to identify which one of these mistakes is most fatal, but trying to incorporate all these tips can be helpful. These are simple fixes but might require a little work to overcome.

However, once you ensure that your cold calls are of quality, consistent, and your employees are both happy and confident, you may begin to see a transformation in your success rate.


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