7 Easy Preventions for Sinus


After a long ride on your bike without a mask in the streets of Lahore, you may find yourself with a runny nose and a little stingy pain around your temples, nose or teeth. It’s time you start realizing you’ve been a victim of sinus. Sinusitis occurs when your drainage of nasal cavity is blocked or nasal congestion occurs. It could be prolonged or it might go as soon as the common cold.

Sinus isn’t a very worrisome problem if it is taken care of in time. Otherwise, if its symptoms persist, after developing with common cold or flu it  might go away within weeks. It if it has infected deeper than it might be persistent and might not for very long. In this case, you might need to see an ENT specialist in Lahore and have your nose checked.

Types of Sinuses

Sinus can be eerie and painful that may stick with you longer than you may have perceived. The different types of sinuses are distinguished through their episodes, it stays for shorter periods at times and longer periods the other time or keeps coming back.

Acute/Sub-Acute sinus

It will often start from common cold, only to be followed by viral or bacterial infection. It may come suddenly but it shouldn’t take more than two to three weeks for acute sinus. Sub-acute sinus tends to take more time and also longer to get better. Otherwise, you need to consult your doctor.

Chronic Sinus

If the sinus remains longer than a month, then you need to start worrying. Here, you need to let go of prevention strategies and go to an ENT specialist. 

Recurrent Sinus

It is recurrently coming back, the sinus won’t leave you and come back after sometime many times in a single year.

Preventions of Sinus:

If you can take simple precautions and measures it will not annoy you as much

  1. Nose bathing

Run water through your nose gently to create dampness ,you need to avoid a dry environment otherwise, it will dry your nostrils which could be bothersome. The water will clear away excess stuff in your nostrils. You can do that when you brush your teeth. If you’re already having minor symptoms try doing Nasal Irrigation. You can either use a syringe or neti pot (easily available at pharmacies) and gently pour lukewarm water with half a spoon of non-iodized salt and baking soda through your nostrils. It’s easy and cheap.

  1. Use a pillow when you sleep

The angle of your head helps the mucus to collect and clog the nasal cavities. Putting a pillow and elevating your head will help you have a flow of your mucus. The pillow might help you not to snore because with a blocked nose you breathe from your mouth and have disturbed naps.

  1. Drink a lot of water

Drinking excess water is a very healthy habit, altogether. Drinking water will not only be helpful for your gut and many other little things, but it will help you drain the excess bacteria or viruses that infiltrate your body.

  1.  Drinking warm water and Herbal Tea

Warm water in the morning is best for your throat. You can add honey in it with black pepper or turmeric for additional benefits. Black pepper and honey have anti-inflammatory properties and turmeric is good against bacteria.

 The herbal tea can be made by boiling basil leaves, cloves and ginger in water. A bit of all these with black pepper and honey is a very healthy combination. Most of these are anti-inflammatory.  It will be a tasty and healthy way to freshen you up.

  1. Night time preventions

If you have cold or active sinus problems do not take things that have cold nature. Such as yoghurt, bananas or rice. You’re already suffering through blockage and they will boost it, although they are healthy when you’re not suffering from cold or sinus. It is also better not to take these in day time as well, rice may be an exception but better be careful. 

  1. Take in steam

If you get cold and have a runny nose with reddened eyes try taking in steam. You don’t need to wait to go this bad to do so. You can do that by taking hot showers or fill a bowl with boiling water and take in steam rising from it. Use a towel to make sure you’re taking in enough steam.

  1. Be Careful from Nasal sprays and antihistamines

Nasal sprays can be very helpful and effective when you have a blocked nose.  However, they will make you dependent on those. It will be problematic when you’ll need more of it when its effects fade. Antihistamines make mucus thick, although it’s a prevention for allergies, it might end up negatively for you. For this it’s better to be onboard with your clinician while using it.

The Takeaway

You can easily prevent a prolonged irritating and unavoidably disturbing problem like sinus with a little care. Most of the preventions are either cheap or easily available at home. Sinus can be a big pain if it’s not prevented or at least treated which will go on for years. If the prevention gets a little hectic you should go to an ENT doctor or your general physician. 


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