7 Exotic Holidays for Americans Abroad

Exotic Holidays

With international travel opening up again, the world is your happy holiday playground again! But, with all the wonderful exotic destinations available, choosing where to go for that dream holiday can entail some head-scratching. So here are some fantastic options to make that choice easier for you. 

The Paradise of the Maldives  

Saying that the Maldives archipelago is a dream destination is simply stating the obvious! With crystal clear waters, beautiful scenery, fantastic accommodation and facilities, the Maldives will revitalize your body and mind. You’ll marvel at the traditional dwellings, markets, colonial buildings, mosques and palaces as you take a leisurely stroll through Malé, the smallest capital city in the world. Enjoy a snorkeling or scuba session to appreciate the beauty of the seabed, and explore some of the many uninhabited islands. 

But never forget that the Maldives are all about relaxation – unwind on a beach, swim, and revel in the delicious food. A seaplane flight to fully appreciate the stunning beauty of this paradise is an absolute must! 

Marvelous Maui, Hawaii

The tropical wonderland of Maui, with its mist-shrouded peaks, stunning sunsets, whispering bamboo forests and famous multi-colored sands, has always been a great option for Americans. Lovely hostels and hotels offer a range of excellent accommodations. 

And activities abound! Enjoy a waterfall and rainforest hike and a refreshing swim in a natural pool. Don’t deny yourself an indulgent sunset cruise on a luxury catamaran with dinner prepared by an award-winning chef. Why not go snorkeling with turtles, book a whale-watching tour, enjoy a helicopter flight, or brave a Haleakala zip-line adventure?  Maui has it all!  

Superb Sabi Sands, South Africa

The Sabi Sands Game Reserve, bordering on the famous Kruger National Park, is one of South Africa’s most prestigious all-year-round holiday destinations. The Reserve covers 65,000 hectares of pristine wilderness that is managed to strict conservation ethics. This bio-diverse area is incredibly rich in wildlife, abounding in lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and both white and black rhino, as well as a multitude of other species. These include hippos, crocodiles, zebra, kudu, wildebeest, impala, nyala, giraffe, hippos, crocodiles – the list is almost literally endless. 

The Sabi Sands is renowned for its sumptuous accommodation, interesting activities, outstanding cuisine, expert guiding, and facilities like spas, wellness centers and natural swimming pools. There is a superb selection of glodes in the Sabi Sand that Americans should visit to make the most of this superb holiday destination.  

Fabulous French Polynesia, South Pacific

It doesn’t come more exotic than French Polynesia! Stretching over 2,000 kms, this overseas French collectivity includes more than 100 islands with iconic Tahiti being the largest. The islands are famous for their coral-fringed lagoons, vanilla- and Tiare flower-scented air, white- and black-sand beaches, amazing marine life, spectacular mountain views and stunning waterfalls. Magical over-the-water and nature bungalows, lodges and hotels offer fantastic accommodation.  

Activities include snorkeling, local tours and visits to tropical gardens, extinct volcano craters, pineapple fields and distilleries. Swimming with bioluminescent plankton will be a whole new experience, as will be some of the region’s unique and delicious cuisine!  

Wonderful Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Scattered along the stunning tropical coast of Queensland, the 74 Whitsunday Islands offer Americans a wonderful, far-flung but well-worth-it holiday! The islands are famous for their pristine white beaches, calm, warm waters, and the iconic World-Heritage Great Barrier Reef so beloved by dedicated divers. 

Hiking is also a great pastime here, as is just lazing in a palm-shaded hammock on a sheltered beach looking out for humpback whales. Beachfront hotels with large rooms and private balconies offer delightful accommodations. Activities include snorkeling, rafting and bush walking, and a scenic flight to really enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the dramatic sea- and landscapes is highly recommended. 

Beauteous Bali

Traditional Bali is perfect for that affordable exotic holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Incredible sea- and landscapes, mystical temples, lush forests, terraced rice paddies, delectable food and pristine beaches all add to Bali’s irresistible allure. And Bali feels and looks very different. There are fewer highrises. Art and spirituality permeate the environment and every aspect of daily life, as well as their distinctive architecture. Every home has its own serene family temple space. 

Many Balinese villages promote ecotourism. Explore a rice or coffee plantation, learn about coffee, or even have a go at some zip-lining or high-altitude swinging! Using the very reasonably priced local transport and ferry service is a great cost-saver. A wide range of accommodations is available from luxury retreats, resorts, self-contained villas and hostels to charming B&Bs. But be warned – the reasonably priced art, crafted items, silver jewelry, clothes, bags and shoes will test your willpower … 

Prodigious Patagonia, Argentina/Chile

Adventurers and wildlife lovers, Patagonia deserves that adjective! It covers an eye-watering 1,061 million square kilometers. It has vast, rugged and pristine landscapes, huge, shimmering lakes, dense forests, towering snow-capped mountains, giant glaciers, dramatic ice falls and a great diversity of unique wildlife. So, if you’re passionate about nature and wildlife, and love hiking, mountain biking or skiing, Patagonia is the dream destination for you.  It has nine national parks, including Tierra del Fuego and the Los Glaciares National Park, home to the awe-inspiring Andean condor with wingspans of up to 10.5 feet!

Patagonia’s unique wildlife includes pumas, penguins, whales, sea lions, dolphins, guanacos, vicunas, coypus, endangered huemul deer, tuco-tucos, mountain viscachas, maras (that look like giant rabbits!), hog-nosed skunks, several fox species, the world’s smallest deer, Southern pudu, hairy and dwarf armadillos, Geoffroy’s cats, Andean mountain cats and kodkods, the smallest cat in the Americas. 

With adventure, interesting new discoveries, great food and entertainment waiting for you, don’t delay! Book that dream holiday today …


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