7 tips to improve internet speed

leon seibert 2m71l9fA6mg unsplash
leon seibert 2m71l9fA6mg unsplash

You feel you need to improve internet speed, but don’t know how? Check out 7 tips that can help you!

Sometimes the speed of the internet leaves to be desired even, and often hire a better plan is not an option (financially).

There are a few ways to improve, albeit a little, the signal of your connection. Find out here!

How to Improve Internet Speed

Improve quality, and with this, wi-fi speed can go far beyond changing plans or restarting the modem. In the following guide, check out some easy tips on how to get more out of your connection.

Be sure to check the results of these tips by doing a speed test.

1. Change your old equipment

We all know that technology is constantly evolving, and this process takes place very quickly. Keeping this information in mind, it’s important to keep your devices up to date to make sure you’re able to transmit the best data speed.

2. Speeding up navigation

Browsing Accelerated are programs that propose to make minor modifications in the browser, especially with respect to the size of files that need to be downloaded.

They also save fragments of the sites so that, on a later visit, the page loads faster. Also you can use https://downloadtime.org for calculating download time.

3. Defragment your HD

This tip is to relieve your computer a little. The more fragmented it is, the longer it takes to run the programs and, consequently, the longer it takes to run.

Defragmenting your HD with a certain frequency will make a difference in both internet access and the performance of the PC itself. So you can get more out of your broadband.

4. Make sure your network is secure and free of opportunists.

Even if your internet already has a password registered, it may be decrypted by some signal thief who is stealing your network, slowing it down.

A great way to combat this kind of thing is to choose a slightly more advanced security standard, such as WPA.

Formulating a difficult password that involves capital letters and numbers is also a way to avoid certain problems. Try to change the password with a certain frequency as well.

5. Avoid internet-intensive applications.

Pay attention to the applications that “hijack” your entire band. Download programs such as torrents, online games, streaming videos, and even Netflix can greatly compromise your Wi-Fi network.

In a residence with a multi-person shared internet network, it is possible that such programs are consuming most of the data and limiting usage to other functionalities.

6. Learn how to position your router the right way

Some people usually hide the router behind furniture or in the corners of the house, however this is not recommended at all. It is very important that it stays in a high place and totally free of obstacles, because it is a signal transmitter and needs space.

The ideal is also to leave the router in the most central location of the house, so that the signal arrives equally in all rooms.

7. Restart the router sporadically.

 Sometimes the router crashes and this is normal. To restore the device’s functions, you can manually reset it from time to time. 


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