A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Hair Tattoo


Hair Tattoo is a documentary that explores the world of hair tattoo. As seen in the trailer, it follows a family and their journey to find their daughter and explore what she is going through. They eventually find her and get her the help she needs, but this terrifying experience will stay with them forever. With so many different types of film festivals, it’s hard to actually create something new — but Hair Tattoo has done just that. Instead of a traditional documentary, this film makes you wonder if everything is real. They use a few different styles, some with interviews and some without. The film has a couple of different endings that seem fitting for each time period. Regardless of how long it takes to get to the end, Hair Tattoo is a fascinating look into the world of hair tattoos and hopefully something that will stick with you long after it ends. This is especially true for one of the interviews. A woman who was “bald” talks about how she lost all of her hair, but says she wasn’t scared until her wedding day. It shows her before and after pictures, but then jumps to interviews with friends and family that didn’t know she was bald or had hair tattoos.
This film is intriguing for many reasons.

Hair Tattoo is produced by INK Films, directed by Andrea Janak, written by Andrea Janak and Aaron Nesmith, and executive produced by Andrea Janak.

Hair tattoo is a documentary style film that takes us on the journey of Andrea Janak who is searching for her sister who disappeared without a trace. Through this journey she is able to discover the secrets behind her sister disappearance.

The documentary takes us on a journey full of twists and turns as we travel with Andrea to find her sister. In the discovery of finding her sister, Andrea realizes that there are more things going on than what she had first thought. Andrea ends up finding out about the hair tattoos from one of the girls in her group home.

This is a story about a family who have been through so much. They have struggled to pull themselves out of poverty and now have a family. This film shows a glimpse of their journey and what they have gone through in the hope that the viewer is able to gain an insight into what it truly means to be a family struggling for finance.

The film is about Andrea Janak, a mother who wants to find her missing daughter who has been missing for over 9 years. In this journey she has met with several people as her search has taken her across all 4 corners of the world from the US, to Australia, Hong Kong and now Japan.


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