A Handy Guide to Maintaining Men’s Blazers


Nothing beats the charm and sophistication a well-fitted blazer invokes! However, it is convenient to don a blazer and then hand it over to your trusted professional cleaning service and assume you’ve done the best to maintain your expensive purchase. That is far from the truth and perhaps one of the most ill-informed choices you can make in the name of maintenance and care. Men’s Blazers need a blend of time, thought, effort and money to deem them wearable for a prolonged period.

Four such handy tips are mentioned below to get you acquainted:

Use a Horsehair Brush: Perhaps one of the best and relatively cost-effective investments you can make to ensure your prized blazers remain shining every time you don it is a horse hairbrush. With a horsehair brush, you can swiftly dust off any dirt, gunk or unnecessary particles that have made your blazer their home. Look for a suitable soft bristle brush that ensures no damage to your suit’s delicate fabrics. With a brush like this, you can save major bucks on laundry or dry cleaning costs, especially when all your blazer needs is a little brush off and not a thorough wash! A horse hair brush is ideal for a quick and frequent fix.

Use Appropriate Hangers: You cannot imagine the impact an inappropriate or low-quality hanger can have on your blazers or any apparel for that matter. But you’ll have to be extra careful when placing your cherished suit as it requires a little more than the obvious and available essentials. The hanger size matters the most when it comes to maintaining your blazers better. A size smaller or bigger will cause it to look dull, especially in the shoulder area, as the fabric would start protruding due to poor placing methods. Also, it is best to look for sturdy variants than thin or frail frames. Remember that the size of your suit and hanger should perfectly fit each other, leaving no room for shape compromises!

Opt for Timely Professional Cleaning Only: The general perception regarding blazers is that because they cost relatively more than an average piece of clothing, it requires superior quality maintenance. However, there is a difference between superior and super expensive maintenance. The problem, especially with blazers, is the overuse of dry-cleaning or professional cleaning services. The chemicals from professional cleaning can severely damage the life span of your fabrics and cause them to appear dull even before you have used them enough! Opting for complete cleaning of your suit every once in six months is widely considered ideal. And you’ll have to adopt other maintenance practices related to storage, hanging and general care for the most part.

Space them Out in the Closet: A mistake most commit when it comes to storing Men’s Blazers is that while they do everything otherwise to ensure that their suits remain in top-notch condition, they pay little or no attention to the environ inside their closet! And it starts with cramming suits one after the other with no space in between for air to pass. It can cause your precious blazers to wrinkle, stink and even wear out in the long run. Therefore, make sure to leave space between two suits. You can also go one step further and add cedar wood shavings to your suit wardrobe to ensure that no moth or stench make their way in.

While you may end up spending huge bucks on acquiring a perfect dream suit for you without adequate care and thought, your entire purchase may end up being redundant after some time. So start now and invest a little time and effort in maintaining your blazers best.


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