A Man’s Guide to Smelling Good

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Your scent is everything. The way you smell can leave a lasting impression on people. If you smell good, you are automatically perceived to be more attractive. Although, being a man, you are more prone to sweating in undesirable areas. The smell of sweat often combines with the body’s natural odour to create an unpleasant fragrance.  

Considering this, it is essential to learn the art of smelling good. The following guide provides detailed tips on how men can smell good all day. 

Find the perfect signature scent 

Changing perfumes can be interesting, but having a scent that defines you is delightful. When you find a perfume that speaks to you, invest in it. After you choose a signature scent, the people around you associate that scent with your personality. Therefore, it is essential to employ a meticulous process to find the perfect scent for yourself. If you wish to discover the best men’s fragrance, follow the ensuing steps: 

  • Research the fragrance– Before you buy perfume, take some time to carry out mini research on the scent’s flavour. Perfumes include an amalgam of ingredients that produce a distinct smell. If the scent of the ingredient appeals to you, you can add it to the list of contenders.
  • Test the fragrance on your skin- To discover your signature scent, you need to understand how the smell reacts to your body odour. Often, the perfumes you buy smell different on your body, in contrast to the way they smelled in the store. Therefore, it is essential to try the perfume on your skin, wear it for a few hours, and make the decision at the end of the day.
  • If you love it, buy it– When it comes to perfumes, the first sniff can tell you whether or not the fragrance is for you. Therefore, if you find a fragrance that you absolutely adore, do not wait for another second to buy it. 

Spray the pulse points 

The application of the perfume is just as important as the purchase. You are required to apply the perfumes in the areas where you sweat more. For women, these areas include the pulse points, which comprise of the area behind the ears, the base of the neck, on the inner wrists, and behind the elbows. However, as men sweat more than women, spraying the pulse points just doesn’t cut it. 

Taking this into consideration, you are required to spray the perfume in the areas where you experience body heat. This can include all the pulse points, in addition to the area behind the knees, chest, ankle and underarms. With this application, you are bound to smell fresh all day long. 

Spray perfume on the middle layer of clothing 

If you live in hot weather conditions, it is probable that you sweat through the perfume fairly quickly. In that case, adding a few squirts of perfume to your clothing can make all the difference. However, adding perfume to the top layer can make the smell overpowering. An overpowering scent can give the impression that you are trying too hard. Taking this into account, you must always spray the perfume on the middle layer of the clothing. This would include a vest or a button-down shirt (if you are wearing a sports jacket or a blazer). 

With that said, make sure that you wear clean and freshly washed clothing. In the unfortunate case that your clothes are not clean, the scent of the perfume can mix with the stale smell of sweat. This would create an unpleasant fragrance. 

Moisturise the skin 

Moisturising the skin makes a significant difference on the way you smell. This can be achieved in two ways.  To moisturise the outer layer of skin, you must integrate the use of a non-fragranced moisturiser into your skincare or dress-up routine. The moisturiser should always be applied before the perfume so that the scent is soaked up and trapped, so it could last longer. 

In addition to this, you can also moisturise the inner layer of skin by making a habit of drinking water. Keeping the body hydrated can ensure that the skin remains hydrated. Ultimately, this increases the lasting duration of the scent. 

Re-apply after three to four hours  

Your skin goes through a lot throughout the day. From sweating, to shedding and producing oil, it is unable to trap the fragrance for a long time. Additionally, the perfume itself does not radiate the same scent for a few hours. Every fragrance comprises three notes. The top note, the heart note and the base note. The top notes produce the scent that you immediately fell in love with. However, this fragrance only lasts for five minutes. The heart note lasts for a period of thirty minutes, whereas the base notes lasts for approximately eight hours.

The combination of sweating and the short time duration of the top note, makes it necessary to reapply the perfume after three to four hours. Considering this, you can invest in a small travel sized bottle, which can be used for reapplication. 

Radiating a fresh and attractive scent is essential for men. However, if you sweat a lot, achieving this objective can be quite difficult. You can use the aforementioned tips to make sure that your signature scent lasts for the entire day. If you are in the search of long-lasting perfumes, take a look at the wide variety offered by Match Fragrances


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