Avoid these mistakes while developing a freelancing platform


Well, the freelancing platform has seen a drastic demand from the last few years. A lot of people are working as freelancers across the globe. It has changed the way people work completely. It gives more independence of time and place to work, that’s why people prefer it rather than working under any organization. 

Today, on the internet you can find a lot of freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancers, and much more. Everyday plenty of jobs are being posted on it. You can find any type of digital service job you want. It gives you the opportunity to work remotely on any project. The rate of people active on such platforms is increasing day by day. 

Due to this much popularity, it’s a great idea to develop the freelancing platform. There are a lot of freelance scripts available on the internet that let you make the website the same as the existing one. Even you can make it unique as per your need by editing the freelance marketplace script. 

However, still, there are many points which people may fail to incorporate and make a big mistake while developing. Therefore, let’s discuss those mistakes to be avoided.   

01. Non-responsive design

When you develop a website make sure that it’s responsive enough to give the best visual appearance in the size of the screen. It does not fix what device your user may use. It can be a mobile, tablet, computer, etc. you need to make sure that the layout suits every screen. 

If it’s non-responsive then the fonts, icons, images, and other elements did not appear properly on the screen and that creates a bad user experience. 

Your freelance website can be used on the computer as well as for more convenience on the mobile. So, your freelance script must develop considering this point. For that, it must be developed with the best front end technology to fulfill this demand.

02. Cross-browser compatibility problem

It’s highly essential that your website performs seamlessly in every browser user uses. Today, there are a lot of browsers available and everyone has their preference and availability. 

Rather than emulator testing, sometimes it’s better to test manually your website with various browsers. Before choosing any freelance marketplace script for your freelancer clone make sure it’s fulfilling this requirement. So, you should not lose your customer just because your website is not compatible with the browser. 

03. Ignoring SEO

SEO is one of the most important parts of web development. Without it, you can not get a higher rank in the search engine. It lets you stay ahead of the competitors. If you ignore it then it becomes difficult to reach the people. Without it, your business won’t succeed as you want. 

SEO is all about removing duplicate content, crawlable sites, backlinks, and much more. By proper use of it, you can get a better rank and be visible by people. As it’s highly important every freelance script includes it properly.  Whenever a user may search similar keywords, your website must be on the first page of the search engine otherwise even people won’t believe you. 

Hene, don’t make a mistake by ignoring the SEO while developing the freelancing platform. 

04. Avoiding 404 error 

It’s frustrating to encounter the 404 error while visiting your website. It’s silent traffic killers. Still, most of the developers do not emphasize much on it. 

Most of the users will just press the back button and move away from your site. And that will directly affect your business. The solution is to keep an eye on the website whether everything is perfectly working or not, manually, or using various tools. Thus, make sure that you do not make this mistake which may end up affecting your business significantly. 

05. Outdated HTML

It may be possible because HTML is an older programming language. Although a lot of updates have come those who have learned earlier are still using it. They may have a habit of using spans and &nbsp and much more. It just increases the line of code. 

It may also cause the layout problem when the user uses the latest browser or different size of the screen. 


Your website is the online presence of the business, compromisation with it not at all acceptable. Therefore, to make a perfect website, you can use clone scripts. Website cloning is trending these days. However, in development above-mentioned points clearly define that avoid making these common mistakes. Otherwise, it may directly affect losing your customers. 


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