Best Massage for the Lower Back

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If you are looking for a massage for your lower back, it may be already in pain. You have to get rid of any discomfort that stops you from living a normal life. The right massager for your body that suits your current needs will help you. You can pick the most appropriate option on, but before you do it, you have to learn what massager you need exactly.

Best Massage Technique for Lower Back

The lower back experiences the pressure every day, suffering from the lack of activity and a “sitting” lifestyle. At the end of the day, the pain reminds us about this part of the body and urges us to act. There are different massage techniques, but not everyone is helpful. You have to pick the one that targets the lower back in the first place. Check out this list and pick one or several options:

  • Swedish massage. It is an incredibly popular type of massage used on the lower back. Its technique consists of tapping and long hand strokes. It alleviates the tension inside the body. The pressure level is moderate. You can start your introduction to massage with the Swedish type. It suits the beginners who suffer from lower back pain;
  • Deep-tissue massage. This type works miracles on numerous types of arthritis and some types of chronic pain. It goes directly to the muscles and can reduce severe pain. Yet, it is not recommended for everyone. Moreover, it may cause a low level of discomfort during the massage. It must be provided only by high-quality specialists. You may need to adjust the level of pressure during the procedure;
  • Himalayan salt stone massage. It is made of hot stones and is considered relatively new in the US. Yet, this is an ancient recipe the Himalayan natives have used for centuries. You will need a professional therapist who knows to what temperature to heat stones and where to place them. There is an alternative to stones, which are the heating pads you can buy at any massage store. The massage takes away the tension and restores natural blood flood;
  • Trigger point therapy. This therapy is concentrated on specific areas where you feel the pain. It does not focus on the entire body. This therapy may save you time and money since you will focus on dealing with lower back pain only, and not the whole spine.

Pick Your Massage

Hopefully, you will find the best type of massage for your lower back. You may try all of them until you find the most suitable. Yet, don’t rush with deep tissue massage. Before you start it, you need to consult with your therapist and discuss other pains you have and any health problems you suffer from. You may not be allowed to have this type of massage.

How often do you suffer from lower back pain? Do you want to try massage to make the pain go away? Express your thoughts about massage therapy and its benefits in the comments below.


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