Big Data Alternatives in the Data Science Industry

Data Analytics courses
Data Analytics courses

Digital technologies have to be the most prized targets when it comes to applying Data Science techniques. According to various market intelligence reports on the role of Data Science in digital technologies, almost 60% of the respondents (who were from business decision making groups of VP and above titles) said that lack of data science and analytics prevent them from fully utilizing their customer data and marketing inventories. A very similar trend has also been observed in related fields of Advertising Budget Management, where big advertisers and publishers are constantly battling to find out what’s the future of TV advertising in an era of On-demand Video content, YouTube advertising, and Prime Videos, Netflix, and Hotstar.Big Data is quickly becoming one of the buzzwords of the decade. The term describes a staggering amount of information, which continues to grow exponentially with each passing day. This definition certainly explains the curiosity of many in understanding what is Big Data and why it’s so important to companies, industries, and governments. Although big data training is one of the leading choices for most individuals who are willing to get into IT Industry, here are a few alternatives that can be opted for.

If you are excited about exploring digital technologies, adding a Data Science certification or pursuing data science programs could be a Data Science certification could be a great value addition to your biodata.
Here are the top alternative careers you can opt for with a certification from the top Data Science Course in Delhi

Customer Data Managers

A very similar role to that of a Data Manager in the IT companies, a Customer Data Manager is a niche specialization role that is fast making its inroads into the enterprise domain. A Customer Data Manager is responsible for handling various data sources, touchpoints, analytics, and security management of CDPs.

A CDP manager is expected to be familiar with the various techniques, tools, and tactics that help in optimizing business database and client relationship management.

Marketing Analysts

If you are eyeing a data scientist role in the future with a multinational media company, it’s a fascinating journey you would be taking by joining the Data Science course in Delhi. Almost every fresher in the batch starts as a Marketing Analyst and then gradually jumps the ladder to grab this coveted scientist role.

Marketing Analysts use specialized tools and techniques to help product engineering teams synchronize with the Marketing, Sales and Revenue Generation, and IT teams and provide a clear picture of consumer behavior and competitor analysis. As a majority of business models are moving to Cloud or Digital zones, the role of Marketing Analysts is also evolving around the science of cookies management, first-party and third-party data, and sales automation.

It’s a great ecosystem nonetheless.
Key tasks include back-in up customer data, reporting, and analysis, utilizing Search functionalities to narrow down on the real source of customer data, and making marketing attribution more accurate.

Marketing Cloud Engineers

A hardcore technical role, the marketing cloud engineers are a very special breed.

We often hear how various companies are fined or penalized for a breach of privacy, or being hammered into due to a cybersecurity issue, such as data theft or ransomware. Marketing Clouds are no different. They constantly need talented manpower to manage their various complex architecture and framework that govern automation, applications, and contact center solutions.

Data-as-a-service (DaaS) is a multi-billion dollar industry, and with the Marketing Cloud engineering role, you are in close proximity to all the innovations happening in data science.


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