CISSP Certifications Difficulty

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Cybersecurity is one of the developing concerns everywhere throughout the world. Cybercriminals will, in general, take the information of different business associations and utilize their information to perpetrate security breaks and character burglaries, while leaving their systems and networks vulnerable. These cybercriminals will, in general, harm the advanced framework of the system while making serious harm equipment and programming of the framework. They are assumed to create backdoors in the network so that they easily enter into the mainframe without even breaking or tampering the firewalls. This is why a good professional is required so that the criminals do not succeed in their motives. 

The cybercriminals will, in general, abandon secondary passages in the system, which permits them for various assaults on the framework. This ruins and disturbs the client information of the framework while making unusable for any organization for the creation procedure.

The CISSP Certification: 

CISSP is the abbreviation for Certified Information Systems Professional. This confirmation concedes the expert to pick up involvement with cybersecurity and system security as the network security executives. While this certification is provided and regulated by the International Information System Certification Consortium, this organization is famously known as (ISP)2. 

As indicated by the latest data discharged and research by the foundation, there is a sum of 142,112 working experts ensured with this certification as of January first, 2020. This confirmation is acknowledged everywhere throughout the world in 170 various nations. While the United States holds the most elevated number of qualified CISSP Certification holders with a check of 90,514. 

This confirmation is affirmed and included by the US Department of Defense under its different classifications for DoD accreditations. This confirmation is the primary affirmation to accomplish the ANSI ISO/IEC Standard 17024:2003.

Eligibility Criteria for CISSP Examination:

The experts, who are looking to get a CISSP confirmation, must satisfy the accompanying prerequisites to be affirmed under the International Information System Certification Consortium or (ISC)2. 

  • The person must have a 5-year involvement with the cybersecurity segment in any at least two security areas. This experience is considered the basic spine of their certification as CISSP. While these experts can begin their enlistment in the establishment from their fourth year of a working vacation in the security space. This consent is allowed to the experts in light of the fact that the CISSP course is determined to be of one year. 
  • Personnel without having any involvement with the security area can likewise apply and are guaranteed under CISSP certification by (ISC)2. The reputed foundation permits the expert to be affirmed in the wake of clearing the course simply in the wake of finishing an extra six-year work involvement with the security area as a cybersecurity investigator. From that point onwards, this procedure has the establishment that furnishes with the affirmations and thinks about them as their part. 
  • The experts must build up a profound comprehension of the CISSP Code of Ethics while complying with the arrangement of rules and guidelines allowed by the establishment. 
  • The experts should clear their personal investigations of having any crimes. In simpler terms, the person should not have any criminal record.  
  • Must go through an MCQ based CISSP test of 700 questions with options and clear it.

The CISSP difficulty level: 

The CISSP certification is considered one of the most important and most difficult credentials to achieve by any IT professional. This certification not just demands the use of knowledge but also years of experience in the cybersecurity platform, to even apply for the examination. 

Well, talking about the examination, the syllabus is very vast and considers all the various aspects of networking and security. They have take hours of face time courses to understand be prepared for the various forms of challenges that cybercriminals have waiting for them. Well, this is not the end for them; after this, the personnel has a take a 700 questions MCQ test and clear it in order be certified under the (ISC)2 as a CISSP.

While many fail to even clear this examination, but there are others who complete this examination without any prior training, this examination demands the use of both theoretical and practical knowledge from the field to clear it. 

By the figures of the certified professionals, we can understand how difficult it is to clear this examination while many fail in this. The fail rate is well over 80 percent. 

Now with the various information, we got an idea about CISSP while understanding the eligibility criteria and the proper definitions of CISSP certifications. Among all this, we got an insight into the difficulty level of this examination. 


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