Comparison between Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV


Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX represent two fully integrated ERP software solutions. These two solutions are specially designed for companies that are planning an expansion at the local or global level. The main question is to find which system is most suitable for your organization. Of course, a part of this decision depends on the specific nature and requirements of any organization. Nevertheless, to select one of the two, we must check and analyze the differences that set these systems apart from one another. We being one of the reputable Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners in Saudi Arabia have provided a comprehensive comparison between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. A Dynamics NAV versus Dynamics AX review can help you make the best possible choice. We consider ourselves worthy to put forward this comparative analysis as we have been a Microsoft Dynamics Navision partner in Saudi Arabia for many years.

Firstly, project management is a major factor to consider for comparing between Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV. Both Dynamics NAV and AX deliver a rich assortment of tools when it comes to project management. You can use these tools to efficiently control multiple projects irrespective of how large or small they are. Tasks like assessing production capacities, controlling expenses, scheduling tasks, prioritizing tasks, drafting reports, running analyses, and calculating return on investment are quite efficient with AX. NAV consists of a few extra functions for planning resources, calculating extra costs, and managing special jobs.

Secondly, manufacturing management is a vital aspect to consider for comparative analysis between Dynamics NAV and AX. Both systems facilitate the improvement of organizational performance by automating and streamlining different tracking costs and operations. This helps in gaining a better understanding of the production and supply chain. Consequently, organizations can quickly respond to changing market conditions. Dynamics NAV offers an extra manufacturing management feature that is discrete in nature. In contrast, Dynamics AX provides all the functions that help in the management of process, mixed-mode, discrete, job shop, and lean manufacturing.

We being one the experienced Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners in Saudi Arabia consider supply chain management as a significantly important factor to judge between the two systems of Dynamics NAV and AX. Dynamics NAV and AX comprise a series of supply chain management features for inventory and warehouse management, shipment and cost management, demand planning, item tracking, campaign pricing, picking and putting away, substitution and transfer, cycle counting, requisition management, and sales and purchase order management. Dynamics AX has features that help in the management of trade agreements, logistics, RFID, and product development. Compared to NAV, AX has more complex supply chain management features. Therefore, Dynamics AX is more appropriate than Dynamics NAV when it comes to supply chain processes that are complicated in nature.

Any comparison between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX will be incomplete without talking about the aspect of financial management. Both systems offer financial features to assist in attaining up-do-date accurate financial information. Furthermore, monitoring of financial performance becomes efficient with these systems. Also, factors like meeting regulatory requirements, maximization and optimization of cash flow, reducing the time spend on accounting tasks, and performance of cross-border payments become enhanced with both these systems. As such both systems are equally beneficial when it comes to financial management and there is nothing to separate between them here. 

Lastly, human resources management is a factor that should not be ignored when discussing Dynamics NAV and AX. Dynamics NAV provides various functions for basic human resources management. Consequently, with Dynamics NAV you can manage soft personnel by skills, employee education, employee information, and union membership. In contrast, Dynamics AX assists you in completing additional tasks. The most important of these additional tasks are employee development, compensation management, performance management, recruiting, and training administration.


We, a Microsoft Dynamics Navision partner in Saudi Arabia, are hopeful that this comprehensive review of Microsoft Dynamics AX versus Dynamics NAV will help you make the right choice. Utmost attention should be paid to each and every factor before making the choice. A right choice can go a long way in achieving and maintaining sustainability over a long term period.


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