Drive Customer Engagement with Contact Center Software For Insurance Industry

Software For Insurance Industry
Software For Insurance Industry

Cohesive customer experience is important for growth in competitive insurance industry. This means constant and agile shifts in policy shaping as well as seamless interaction with customers besides keeping a finger on the pulse of evolving trends. There is a need to do more considering that GDP growth is expected to decline to 1.6 percent and recession at 25 percent according to Deloitte report. Some insurance companies have jacked up premium rates. Others are looking at revamping how they service pensions and annuities. Insurers are taking a long hard look at analytics to transform customer experience and streamline engagements as well as sales. In this context the customer is well served by contact center software, which, at the same time, also derives information and delivers analytics for decision making.   

Listening to what people say – social media contact center software

Insurance companies typically offer a bouquet of insurance cover for life, health, property, accident, loss of income and transit insurance. Each insurance company defines terms and not all such terms may find favor with customers. They then typically voice opinions not directly but through social media channels. What use is a health policy for older people if there is a 3 year waiting period? Such terms may prove to be a decider. Smart people will shift to an insurer offering the best terms. 

By using social media enabled call center solutions as the customer experience pivot hub you listen to them and you can make changes that will attract more customers. Social media call center solutions are must haves to push across latest updates updates on Facebook and Twitter since search engine results may show up historic data that does not reflect recent modifications. Besides, there is iterative interaction on social media channels that will help you to bond better. 

Quick communication across different channels and data integration 

What if a customer chooses to communicate only over WhatsApp?  Another one may choose Facebook. A third may take to tweeting. Your agents could be jumping through the hoops trying to serve each one on their preferred communication channel and keeping track of data. With the omnichannel contact center software your agents have a single interface connecting to social channels, phone, text and chat at the front and the CRM at the back. Integrate voice, chat, text and social media into one interface and you get several benefits: 

  • Ease load on agents, improve their enthusiasm for interaction with customers and colleagues
  • Gather vital data
  • Speed workflows
  • Generate leads, follow through, convert, issue policies
  • Remind, renew, recommend
  • Deliver contextual, personalized customer experiences

Automation with AI

A simple IVR is passé. You can and should opt for contact center software that integrates artificial intelligence in conversational bots with natural language processing. This feature alone can save thousands of man hours and thousands of dollars through improved self service, leaving agents free to focus on generating more revenues or to attend to pressing customer issues. 

Hundreds of branches in the communication web

Insurance operates through hundreds of branches across the country or even across borders and through a network of agents. Take the nightmare out of collaboration and communication and yet let each agent and branch maintain distinctive individuality. This is achieved with the hosted multi-tenant contact center solution. 

The beauty of this system is a centralized CRM database as well as individual database for each branch that effectively functions as a tenant. This means each branch can closely monitor all that is happening and the head office can also track performance and view customer journey. 

Identify customers for personalized service and route calls 

“Please wait a minute, I will transfer your call to…” becomes a thing of the past with intelligent, skill based mapping and routing. When this happens the agent has access to customer data in order to deliver a happy and personalized experience. The result: satisfaction, possibly more sales and certainly less churn. A side effect: agents love the smooth way matters proceed and become more engaged. 

Complete analytics and intelligence

You could spend thousands on a separate analytics module but then you would need to port data and the analysis is historical. Get contact center software with AI based real time monitoring, analytics and report and there are vast improvements in customer service as well as intelligence gathering. You have real time insights into customer behaviors and expectations. 

With this real time intelligence at your fingertips it becomes easy to process claims, increase sales, acquire new customers, handle premium collections and keep customers happy at any stage of their journey. The outbound campaign feature is one you can use to good advantage for: 

  • Surveys
  • Sending out offers
  • Lead generation

There is a lot you can achieve with intelligent multi-tenant hosted contact center software for insurance industry. You can communicate and deliver services too. Putting the right solution in place is the starting point to overtaking competition and generating more revenues. 


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