Electrical problems? Don’t blow a fuse.

Electrical problems

It is not surprising to note that with the modern-day “planned obsolescence” trend of all appliances and components that run on electricity being built to last no more than two years tops, you always have one thing or the other failing around the house. That is why you need a licensed electrician to fix your problems for you. 

A good service should be able to reach you anywhere in your country, someone that knows the Australian outback very well, especially in Sydney. 

The intention is to have a licensed electrician service reach you on the same day you complain because you don’t want to wait once you notice that something isn’t working the way you want to. 

Why is it essential to get a licensed electrician?

Any tradesperson who has been trained in the disciplines of handling electrical utilities have three separate classes, depending on their skill

  1. Apprentice: Apprentices usually learn the craft while on the trade, generally taking fees at a reduced rate than their more skilled counterparts.
  2. Journeyperson: Essentially, apprentices who have completed their apprenticeship and have been deemed by their local authority, in this case, the Australian national government, to be more than an amateur in terms of skill at the trade. 
  3. Master Electrician: The final level in terms of expertise, they have enough proficiency to tackle most types of problems and thus also come with a slightly higher fee rate than the rest. However, these tradespeople are known to handle the situation better than the rest. 

Licensed Electricians in Australia

Typically, they are also electrical contractors, and the apprenticeship lasts for up to 4 years. However, the different states have standards of providing a license to practice this trade, especially as a master electrician. 

In the outback, it is as per the government to submit relevant credentials after finishing the required job typically. Hence, it is best to get someone from a service that only sends in the best, most hands-on experienced electricians to do the job without any supervision (if they have a class A certification).

If you notice your local electrician operating without the necessary safety equipment, you have the right to refuse service as it is a workplace hazard. 

Ensure that the electrician is a member of Australia’s Electrical Trade Union (ETU).¬†

To save yourself from the headache of all the various checkmarks you need to make before bringing over an electrician to your home is best to use a service that serves pan-Australia and send in their local electricians to your home within 90 minutes after lodging a request with the service. 

These services benefit the customer, too, as their insurance and warranty aren’t void only if a licensed electrician has operated upon their appliances. So it is in the customer’s best interest to call upon a service that sends out the best to operate on the devices. 

Ensure the website you choose to call for help from has features like a free safety inspection, a guarantee on the time delay after lodging a complaint and getting the service done, and a lifetime warranty on any of the products/services done over at your home. Then, you can believe that nothing can go wrong after they have operated upon it. 

It is vital to observe electrical safety, and the consequences of ignoring it may lead to a lot of problems. Stay safe.


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