FAQs about equipment that requires TRA Type Approval in UAE


Type Approval is a regulatory requirement for all Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE), ensuring they comply with technical standards as defined by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA). Type Approval is a certification process that determines the type of equipment that can be manufactured, imported, and sold in the UAE. 

All RTTE dealers, manufacturers, and importers in the UAE need to be registered with the TRA for doing business. Similarly, each device needs to obtain Type Approval depending upon its specifications before it can be used or distributed in the UAE. 

FAQs About Type Approval Treatment of Different Equipment

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Telecommunication Regulatory Authorities (TRA) treatment of different telecommunication equipment in regards to Type Approval. 

Question 1: According to TRA Approval Regulations in the UAE, do fiber optics and ethernet interfaces require approval? 

According to UAE regulations, the equipment that doesn’t directly connect to the public network and don’t emit electromagnetic radiations are not subject to TRA Type Approval. These types of equipment include fiber optic and ethernet interfaces. However, the importers of such equipment need to present a type approval exemption letter to the customs from TRA. 

Please keep in mind that if one of the interfaces in a piece of equipment requires TRA approval, then the whole equipment should comply with the specifications and get a type approval certificate

Question 2: Does an RC receiver that comes with an RF transmitter requires a separate approval, or both can be treated as one? 

You can obtain a TRA Type Approval certificate for both the RF receiver and the RF transmitter at the same time. However, the TRA needs to include all the documents and technical specifications that the receiver and the transmitter needs to comply with. This equipment is classified under Class 2 RTTE, so the importer of such equipment needs to have a Class 2 import license in order to apply for the approval. 

Question 3: A laptop includes a device like a Wi-Fi card that sends electromagnetic waves. Does the device like a Wi-Fi card need separate certification or certification of the whole product sufficiently? 

The importer of the laptop, which includes a Wi-Fi card, should have Type Approval for the device (i.e., Wi-Fi card) ONLY. This device comes under the RTTE, so there is no type approval certificate for the whole product (laptop). If you have approval for the device (Wi-Fi card), you can import such equipment in the UAE. 

Also, note that the TRA requires only a test report for the Wi-Fi card. There are no additional tests required for the full product. 

Question 4: Are GPS Receivers subject to Type Approval under TRA in UAE? 

The standalone GPS receivers are classified under Class 2 RTTE, and therefore need to be approved by the TRA. Similarly, the import of such equipment needs to submit a Type Approval application to the TRA. 

Question 5: What is the testing fee for telecommunication equipment in the UAE?

The testing fee for telecommunication equipment in the UAE depends upon the classification of the equipment. The standard fees for some equipment according to the TRA is as follows:

Equipment Fee
Mobile Phone 3GAED 2600
Mobile Phone 4GAED 2600
Wi-Fi AED 8100
Bluetooth AED 2700
ISM band and SRD/LPDAED 1400
eCall AED 6100

Question 6: What if a piece of equipment is not compliant with TRA requirements?

If telecommunication equipment does not comply with the TRA requirements, then the manufacturer or importer of such equipment needs to take corrective measures to fix the issue. To be able to apply for the TRA Type Approval, the importer needs to eliminate the causes of non-conformity within a specific timeframe given by the TRA. 

Question 7: What kind of equipment is prohibited by the TRA in UAE?

Some specific equipment is prohibited by the TRA in the UAE for use, manufacture, and sale. According to the TRA, these equipment include:

  • GSM Boosters 
  • GSM Jammers 
  • Scanning Receivers 
  • Military communication equipment and other equipment not approved by the TRA in UAE. 

Question 8: For how long does the type approval certificate remain valid for telecommunication equipment?

The Type Approval in UAE remains valid for 3 years for telecommunication equipment. It can be renewed for similar periods after applying for TRA approval. However, TRA might change or cancel authorizations if it deems necessary. 

Question 9: Can a dealer in the UAE apply for a Family Approval, i.e., approving 1 product as well as several other family products (like the navigation system in the car with Bluetooth module and 4 family modules)? 

The TRA does not support “family approval.” It means that the imported needs to apply for a Type Approval certificate for multiple telecommunication equipment. In this case of the car navigation system, these models are considered as separate equipment and should be treated as such. Therefore, the importer of such equipment needs to submit the required documents for all the models to the TRA for approval. 

Question 10: How can a dealer of the telecommunication equipment register for TRA Type approval?

For Type Approval, the distributor, manufacturer, and importer of such equipment needs to provide the authorities with a trade license issued by a Trade License issuer in the UAE. The dealer of such equipment can also add multiple branches of the parent company in case the permit is issued in the same emirate and by the same entity.  

Apply for Type Approval Today!

These are some of the frequently asked questions about the TRA Type Approval in the UAE regarding telecommunication equipment and regulations. In the UAE, telecommunication devices need Type Approval before they are sold, manufactured, of imported in the UAE. Similarly, dealers, manufacturers, and importers of such equipment also need certification from the TRA in order to conduct business in the UAE. An unregistered and uncertified dealer, importer, and manufacturer in the UAE will be suspended from doing business and will face hefty penalties. So, make sure to get Type Approval and ensure that you comply with all the rules and regulations.  


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