Get a Wedding Loan And Fix Key Money Issues

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A wedding requires meticulous planning and immediate access to ample finance. This is all the more true if your idea of a dream celebration involves crossing shores and hosting ceremonies abroad. However, if in the months preceding your marriage you realise that funds have run dry, then fixing money issues becomes a priority as lack of finance can stall planning and preparation altogether. One option you have is to get a Wedding Loan from a lender such as Bajaj Finserv to ensure that you have sufficient liquidity, every step of the way. Not only does this allow you to preserve your savings, but it also gives you the ability to lace every little ceremony with splendour. 

Read on to know how you can fix money issues and plan a great celebration with a wedding loan.

You get a high, collateral-free sanction to address a wide range of expenses

Marriages involve numerous big-ticket expenses and several smaller ones, which when added up amount to much indeed. The expenses you incur include venue and décor charges, travel costs, accommodation charges and those for jewellery, wedding outfits, photography, music and food and drinks. When you get a wedding loan from Bajaj Finserv, you obtain funding up to Rs.25 lakh on a collateral-free basis. Further, since the loan is in essence a personal loan, you remain free to use the amount to address any aspect of your wedding. You could even use it to host a pre-wedding bash or plan a memorable honeymoon.

You benefit from the swift wedding loan application approval times

As the D-day inches closer, almost every aspect of the wedding becomes time-sensitive and if you do not have an alternate fund with which you can fix money issues, you can borrow prudently to plug monetary shortfalls. Immediate access to funds is important as vendors and professionals may be booked out by the time you secure the finance you need. Thankfully, if you get a wedding loan from a lender such as Bajaj Finserv, you not only get access to a huge loan amount, but also get instant approval, within 5 minutes of submitting an online application. Moreover, the documents required for a personal loan, here, are few and this paves the way for an equally-swift loan disbursal. Post document verification, you can look forward to getting the funds in your bank in just 24 hours!

You can address sudden wedding expenses with the Flexi Loan facility

Despite meticulously planning the day’s ceremonies, setting your budget in stone is not something that you can do. This is because weddings involve tons of sudden, unexpected expenses and so, it’s best that you budget for more rather than less to avoid being caught off guard. However, if you prefer having instant access to a large amount of finance that you can withdraw on the go, then consider Bajaj Finserv’s Flexi Loan facility. Here, you can borrow from your sanction in parts, any number of times, without having to submit multiple applications or incur additional charges. Moreover, you are charged interest only on the amount withdrawn.

By keeping your finances flexible, you can fix money issues as they arise. For instance, you can withdraw a portion to book hotel rooms for guests added to the list at the 11th hour and withdraw another sum to hire the services of a music band you fell in love with just weeks before the D-day.

You can space out the wedding’s expenses over a large number of months

Even though a wedding loan is a quick-fix solution to money issues you may run into before your marriage, repayment does not need to be done in haste. With lenders such as Bajaj Finserv, you can split up your debt payments over a tenor that ranges up to 60 months. However, since the tenor is flexible in nature, you can either choose a short one to limit the overall interest payable or pick a long one to enjoy a budget-friendly EMI plan. In fact, you can use the personal loan EMI calculator when planning to home in on a viable EMI structure.

On using the EMI calculator you’ll note that your debt payments depend greatly on the rate of interest applicable. While the interest rate is a lender-specific criterion, it is also something that your financial profile can influence. In fact, if you have a healthy credit score you stand a chance to secure funding at the lowest wedding loan interest rates offered by your lender.

When you get a wedding loan you are assured of timely, sufficient finance and the means to fix money issues that crop up in the run up to the wedding. So, if your wedding is right around the corner, expedite your application process by checking your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv today!


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