Guide on Bed Sheets for Pregnant to Sleep Better

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When there is a little one on the way, some women suffer from insufficient sleep quality. If you are one of them, there is great news to keep yourself cheered up: It is in your power to get better sleep. One of them is investing in the right bedding. Best sheets for adjustable beds have already become a great solution for many moms-to-be. Our guide can aid you in choosing a suitable option for you. Read on and wrap yourself in comfort.

Why Do You Feel Uncomfortable During Sleep?

Doctors insist that a pregnant woman should get quality rest at night, especially during the second and third trimesters. But when you try to arrange yourself comfortably in bed, the efforts don’t lead to the long-awaited result. You can wake up frustrated and exhausted, and sleeping becomes a challenge. Here are the main reasons why insomnia is a frequent companion of pregnant women:

  • As your baby is growing, it might be difficult to find a comfortable position because the bump can interfere with those techniques you used before. When your belly becomes bigger, there is more pressure on your body;
  • The change in pregnancy hormones affects your overall well-being;
  • The skin becomes more sensitive;
  • Your breasts become larger and more tender;
  • The choice of safe sleeping positions for pregnant women is limited. For example, at a certain point, side sleeping becomes the only sleep position you can use to take care of your future baby. 

Finding the ideal sleeping position becomes a kind of a mission, and you can find yourself tossing and twisting in bed all night long. Luckily, the modern market flourishes with a wide variety of mattresses, pillows, and sheets that enable a future mom to get herself into more comfortable positions and finally rest well.

Top Pregnancy Sheets: Which Features Do They Have?

When you create the right type of environment and take particular steps before going to bed, it can provide you with those precious hours of rest you desperately need.

You can use many common items for your health benefit. The most modern bedding supplies seem to fit the bill, which is also a pleasant bonus.

When all you dream of is comfortable sleeping, choosing the right bed sheets might play a crucial factor and have an immense impact on your sleep quality. Here are the criteria according to which you can pick the best pregnancy sheets for both you and your future baby.

1. Lightweight and breathability

As your hormones change during pregnancy, you might feel warmer than usual. Thus choosing something lightweight, cooling, and breathable can help you sleep better and feel refreshed the following day. 

2. Opt for soft, natural fabric

As your little one continues to grow, specialists recommend picking a soft, hypoallergenic fabric that is neither stiff nor scratchy. The improperly chosen material can irritate your tender skin, which is something you don’t need at this important period in your life. It’s preferable to avoid dyed fabrics, harsh cotton sheets, and microfiber sheets. The low-quality fabrics from unknown brands often contain harmful chemicals that can be absorbed through your sensitive skin.

3. Pick a thick blanket or comforter for extra support

This method will be an effective compliment to any high-quality bed sheets you buy. A thick blanket or something like a body pillow serves a comforting purpose, granting you psychological support at night. Wrap the blanket around your body to feel the difference. However, it’s better to avoid using a duvet during sleep: This item will increase the body temperature, making you feel hot and uncomfortable. A high-quality, breathable flat sheet will be much more pleasant to use.

Summing up the characteristics of the best bed sheets for pregnant, the perfect item will provide you with:

  • comfort — silk or bamboo sheets feel smooth for sensitive skin;
  • safety — hypoallergenic, undyed fabric soothes tender and irritated skin;
  • freshness — quality material is resistant to bacteria and side odors;
  • efficient ventilation — the fibers adjust to your temperature, helping you sleep more soundly at night;
  • durability — the top-notch items are easy to wash and dry. With each wash, these sheets only get softer.

Nice Add-Ons for Rejuvenating Sleep

Now that you know which features to pay attention to, you can pick the perfect bed sheets for pregnant women. However, we’d like to provide some more tips you can use to your benefit. These simple tricks will make a perfect combo with any bedding you will choose, providing you with a sound sleep.

1. Arrange a sleeping schedule

Before your body rests on high-quality, hypoallergenic sheets, it’s vital to have a consistent sleeping schedule to rely on. When you go to bed and get up at nearly the same time daily, you can significantly improve your sleep quality. This way, you teach the body that it’s time to go to sleep, and it will naturally prepare for that moment. If you don’t follow a healthy sleep regimen, you’ll find it harder to get the deep sleep you desire.

2. Keep the electronics aside

If you are used to scrolling around the Web and reading the latest news on Facebook and other social media, you might want to overthink this harmful habit before going to bed. No ideal bed sheets will help you calm down when your brain is overwhelmed with the consumed information. The bright lights of your smartphone or tablet display can alert your mind. 

We advise considering other alternatives for late-night activities, no matter how hard it might seem to complete such a transition. You can try reading a book or listening to calming music instead. It will help you slow down your mind and body.

3. Choose your comfortable sleeping position

You might have already known the tips provided above: These are helpful recommendations even if you are not pregnant. However, this one is pregnancy-specific, and it concerns sleeping positions. Remember not to sleep on your back. Otherwise, you can find breathing difficult, which might cause heart problems in the long run. The reason is the pressure on the vein that gets blood to your heart.

Do some experimenting instead. Try to sleep on your left side: It will help you feel more comfortable and improve your placenta. 

4. Take a brief nap during the day

If you don’t get enough rest at night, ensure your body can restore its energy level. When you feel tired during the day, you might consider taking supplemental sleep. When you expect a baby, you can arrange all the rest you can get. After you meet your newborn, sleep will turn into a commodity.

5. Treat yourself with maternity tools

When you’re moving around with a baby in your belly all day long, your back and abdomen experience significant stress. Here is when you can think of buying a reliable belly band. This tool was specifically designed for this purpose. It helps to relieve the strain on your back and abdomen, which can result in better sleep at night.

6. Clear your mind

As your body experiences significant changes, even a mom-who-has-already-been-there might find herself worrying during pregnancy. You might constantly think about the things that must be done at nighttime. Those worries can keep you up like a cup of coffee.

If you keep telling yourself to relax, but nothing works, you can still push those concerns out of your mind, at least for some time. You can try meditation to clear your mind. According to specialists, meditation can help you fall asleep like nothing else. However, it can take some time to master the technique, and it might not be effective for some people.

Optionally, you can share your concerns with someone you trust (a friend, a therapist, or a doctor). It would be great to get some feedback from them. You can also write all your concerns in the diary to see which worries you are facing: This is a great visualization technique that can help you overcome your fears.

7. Exercise during the day

This tip can help you focus on your body and ensure you’re ready for sleep when bedtime comes around. Don’t exercise before sleep, however. Exercising causes your organism to generate adrenaline, which acts as natural caffeine. When you exercise in the daytime, it will help you improve blood circulation and get your body prepared for rest. This is a perfect blend for rejuvenating sleep.

Restful Sleep for Both of You

With all the added pressure and strain your future child puts on your body, it can be difficult to get enough quality sleep at night. Luckily, a wide bunch of sheets and blankets can help you feel more comfortable during pregnancy. Find the item that makes you feel the most comfortable and stick to it. Remember that you’re likely to get warmer than you usually are. Go for lightweight, breathable, and natural fabrics when choosing the bedding for both of you. Take care of your sleep quality, and don’t forget to use the tips provided here to rest better. 


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