How Custom Mailer Boxes Make Your Products Shine?

mailer box 1
mailer box 1

As the name suggests, custom mailers boxes are used to encase and send products. The shape of the box isn’t too different from the pizza boxes. However, the brand logo on the box sets it apart and make it more effective when it comes to promoting goods and brand. Corrugation, on the other hand, makes it more durable and effective in protecting the items during transportation. And when you customize them, they make the unboxing experience everlasting. 

Whether you run an e-commerce business, ship products, or packaging baked goods, wholesale mailer boxes work well in all the fields. Mailer boxes are carved out of one of two materials: corrugated or cardboard.    

Unfortunately, we exist in an era where the customers barely remember dull and boring mailer boxes. In contrast, designing attractive mailer boxes wholesale packaging attracts customers in huge numbers. However, if you are still shipping your products in dreary cartons or cardboard boxes, you will not be able to offer your audience a worthy unboxing experience. 

Here’s how custom mailer boxes make your products shine:

Mailer Boxes are Durable 

The custom printed mailer boxes have additional protective layers, which allows them to negate external hazards, including factory crushes and presses against other packages when stored in a warehouse. 

Remember, your product means nothing to the customers, even if it has a superior factor and a serious competitive edge over rival products when it reaches customers in unusable or broken condition. Corrugation gives that extra protective layer to the mailer boxes ensures it passes the safety test with ease. 

Several styling options make the packaging safer. For instance, double-wall tuck-front packaging means that the rear side is locked or sealed. It keeps the products safe from wear and tear of any sort during handing and transportation. 

Depending upon your product, you can add a single, double, or even triple layer of coating to save the delicate product encased inside it. 

Custom Mailer Boxes are Love

If your brand is targeting a adolescence such as kids by offering playful instruments, delicate toys, and other fun gadgets, it’s crucial to select a theme for this purpose. 

Crafting your mailer boxes in different hues to match a theme that lure kids can drastically grow your sales. However, adding unnecessary outer enhancements could prove dangerous. Avoid adding bold hues to these sorts of themes as it can negatively affect your branding.   

Wholesale Mailer Boxes are Cost-Effective 

Mailer boxes aren’t only confined to the idea of protection and personalization. To be honest, they are also a budget-friendly and sustainable option for products.  

It an excellent option for small, medium businesses that are on the lookout for cost-effective packaging solutions. And when you order these in bulk, it further decreases the cost. If you opt for Kraft mailer boxes, it will slash your expense and provide you with a solution that will fit your bill. 


The fierce competition has forced brands to offer delightful unboxing experience even if they are delivering an item that is as little as a makeup kit. Fortunately, custom printed mailer boxes provide you the opportunity to give your customers a fanciful unboxing experience without blowing your budget and delivering your product in optimal condition.  

But it can only be possible when you join hands with a packaging firm like the Legacy Printing that has a long-standing history in producing high-quality custom mailer boxes. Outsourcing your packaging to a reliable packaging firm elevates the unboxing experience and help you record more sales by compelling your ideal customers to buy from your brand. 


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