How Packaging Industry Gives Creative Ideas for the Sleeve Boxes

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Sleeve boxes are arguably the most stylish and attractive packaging boxes. These boxes come in two layers, usually. The upper layer is just a slider onto the bottom layer, which is the container and where the actual item is placed. The upper casing can slide off either horizontally or vertically.  In addition to that, what makes them even more attractive and drawing is the fact that they are customizable as per the demands of the customer. This means that any branding and promotion of the brand can also be done via these packages. 

The packaging is, no doubt, a very important part of the marketing of a company. The packaging is so important because the first impression with which the customer encounters, therefore companies try to use very attractive packaging. Sleeve boxes are one of the few packaging units which are capable of attracting a lot of customers. Today, let’s go through a few sleeve designs of these packages, which are the best. 

Window Boxes 

To take full advantage of the custom sleeve boxes, extremely catchy designs of these boxes must be made. One such design is the window boxes. This variant of the sleeve packaging has a clear window in between the box, which helps the customer in peeking into the packaging. This box looks extremely attractive when displayed at a shop’s shelf.

The box will surely attract many customers and, therefore, will give the company an upper hand over its competitors. In addition to that, these boxes are also perfect to use for products which themselves are quite attractive. Products with outstanding and attractive designs and styles can be packed in this box. The design of the product itself coupled with the captivating packaging style will surely be a source of attraction of a large number of customers, and just like that, the company can become the market leader by beating all competitors in terms of sales and market presence. 

Rigid Boxes 

Made out of sturdy and premium looking materials, rigid packaging is the first choice for many businesses. These boxes provide a lot of benefits at the same time and therefore have evolved to become the most-wanted style in the market. These packages are so strong that even the most delicate items can be packed inside them. Many times, companies producing fragile and sensitive goods have to compromise on the looks of the packaging to find a very strong box, but with the availability of these custom printed sleeve packaging, the problem is resolved. The strongest and most enduring packaging can be amended into a beautiful design of the sleeve packaging, and additionally, it can be fully customized, which means that the company can easily promote and brand itself through its packaging.  

Additionally, the perception of product changes when it is made out of rigid materials. Boxes of this material are usually used for the most high-end and premium products; therefore, the product can be presented as premium and superior to the competitors with the use of rigid sleeve packages. This trait of the boxes makes them a perfect choice for packing presents, and hence sleeve gift boxes are in high demand. 

Kraft Paper Boxes 

Globalization and increased use of the internet have made people more vocal and social about environmental and social issues. One of the changes brought about due to this awareness is people shifting towards greener alternates to save the environment. This change also has impacted the way of doing business, and one of its examples is the companies move towards greener packaging units.

Ever since, the use of Kraft sleeve packaging boxes has become a viable option for many firms. Not only is the Kraft paper a better alternative environmentally as it is bio-degradable and easily re-usable, but it is also much sturdier than the regular boxes. It also provides a very attractive look and is feasible for attracting customers. In addition to that, it has the option of being personalized and, therefore, remains the top-most priority of many firms across the globe. 

Folding Boxes 

If you are searching for cheap sleeve boxes that have the characteristics and features of their relatively expensive counterparts, then there is no better option than folding boxes. Folding boxes can be easily obtained from wholesalers at a very cheap rate. They come as flat sheets; therefore, overhead expenses such as carriage and storage are also very low. However, being budget-friendly does not mean that they are any less strong than alternates. They are very sturdy and can be used for the storage and packaging of any desired product. Moreover, what makes them even more wanted and desired is the fact that they, like others, can be customized. This means that all the shimmering features of the otherwise costly sleeve packaging can be obtained at a much affordable price. 

Declaring sleeve boxes as the absolute best could be a sweeping statement, and is very debatable, but no one would negate the fact that they stand amongst the best packages available in the market. Their style, designs, and the protection they provide is unparalleled and therefore are the first choice of many customers.


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