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matthieu gouiffes iFRtKyim2Hs unsplash

Gaining project management credential is just the start of a vast grind, which needs the PMI credential holder to satisfy the requirement for PMP PDUs for holding on to the PMP credential. PMP credential announces your expertise as well as talented experience to cope up with certain project-specific requirements. The certification ascertains your desire towards your work, business, clients as well as alignment.

Getting nearly 60 PDUs throughout two and a half to three years is certainly no big concern. Proper planning shows you the path to availing of all PDUs via different subtle ways such as preparing a schedule for e-learning, staying in touch with the core traits of the PMP, and attending social or informal events with the only motive gaining or earning a certain amount of PDUs. Given below are a few keynotes that must be fully memorized to become a successful one.

1. Planning to make prompt plans to achieve PDUs without waiting for the turn to begin is a good way.

2. Managing personal files to handle all your folders, which are in connection with PMP PDUs.

3. Make use of an ample amount of benefits of transforming the PDUs from the spent year of your current working schedule. PMP holders have the advantage of doing so up to 20 PDUs.

Here are a few numbers of beneficiary points you should always keep in mind because these titles or points help us to move one step closer to getting a complete idea about the PMI PDU earning process.

· As per the guidelines presented by the PMI’s CCR, the concerned candidate is supposed to gain a minimum of 35 PDUs for availing beneficial offers under the education realm.

· If your learning events for the PDUs are a part of the Team Development, which helps in gaining the project motive, you need to note them down in the category of leadership.

· Under the section or sector of ‘strategy,’ you must jot down all the vital characteristics of a project which need to be properly regulated so as to get hold of all the aims as well as objectives. 

· In case, your learning outcomes or events belong to the PMP list of tasks which have been earlier outlined, note them down in the category of technological aspect.

Now let us have a detailed look and analysis on how to achieve your sixty PDUs:

Studying various guides or articles in order to claim the required PDUs: Earning all the required sixty PDUs by reading books is also a simple as well as effective way. If you have the keen desire to adapt to certain enhanced skills in order to move up in the progress ladder, you can quite easily make a simple list of certain aspects like time management, monetary analysis as well as the methods to effectively lead a group in order to keep you on track for better results. Various blogs on gaining PDUs of categories like management, heading assignments as well as monitoring projects will help you to achieve a few terminologies of books to help in earning certain PMI PDUs.

Watching associated videos that can prove to be fruitful: The next option is to go for such videos in the spheres of three-dimensional view as well as analysis. There are specific lists in the certainly prepared playlist which lead to manage, monitor as well as control the technical skills. 

Subscribe to the helpful YouTube channel. Search for videos on Project Management as well as earn PDUs under the digital marketing category or online verification.

Since you are not in a state of hurry, you will also be assured of eight PDUs under the category of working as a beginner for two to three years acting as an assisting Project Manager

If your skills of content writing, you should definitely go for writing a blog for a helpful community and ask for PDUs under the area of creative content writing.

Attend subject activities or other such associated conferences. Event managers will help you in giving you an event code which you can trade in order to get PDUs under the training category.


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