How to Train Remote Employees of Your Organisation?

Employees of Your Organisation
Employees of Your Organisation

Training new employees of your organization is an essential task, whether it’s for sales or product training. While training the employee who is coming to the office every day is easier, training remote employees at the same time is equally challenging.

The first thing you need to establish is a good source of communication between you and your remote employees. Without proper communication, it becomes harder for you to relay the right information to them, which will only lead to mistakes and wasting time and resources. This is why training them properly is important.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you out with your remote employees.

Bring them to the office

Even though your employees are working remotely, you can ask them to visit the office just for the training purpose. But this is only possible if they have the resources to visit the office every day without issues. If they can, this can be the fastest way to train remote employees. There is no need to force them if they live far away from the office location.

Personalized Training

Most of the remote employees might not have the option to visit the office on a regular basis, just for training. During such scenarios, you can always set up a conference call with them to offer them personalized training. This can also help them clarify a lot of their doubts immediately. 

If you have employees who are living in different places and time zones, it’s best to discuss the best time of the day to set up a conference call for training purposes.

Instant Messaging

When training employees remotely, it’s important that you answer and clear the doubts of your employees on time. To achieve something like this you can always use an instant messaging service or apps. 

Just make sure you choose the right service before starting the training and choose the one that can be accessed by every remote employee. This way your employees can reach you anytime they have an issue and you can resolve them instantly with these services.


If your employees have been working on their own schedule, then it’s always best to send them emails related to the training. These emails can contain the materials and resources required during the training period, so your employees can access them without any issues.

Training Manual

Always make sure that you have built a training manual for your remote employees. This manual can contain all the job responsibilities, tasks, and software required to complete these tasks. Contacts of management, in case they need to get in touch with others.


Explain the expectation of each task, and how they need to finish them. You should also assign a time limit to each task which can help them improve as well. For example, you can assign a task and send an email explaining what the task is and how they need to carry out, with the time limit for the task to finish.

Add Resources

When training remote employees, it is necessary to offer them resources that will help them understand a topic or a task much easier. This can be done with the help of videos and presentations.

Having a video for reference while they are trying to carry out these tasks can help them understand much easier. Video resources are also helpful and interactive, Often employees can get bored if they are not interested in a topic.

This is why you should incorporate some videos in your employee training programs to make it easier for your employees to understand easily.


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