Latest news about Bio-Bubble rule in IPL 2020

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Only 3 days to go for the premiere of the IPL 2020 match schedule, for which every cricket lover is waiting for a long while. All national and international players are practicing hard to hit the scoreboard. This season is a little different from other IPL seasons as we all know that coronavirus is still in India.

Bio-bubble in Cricket

There are so many rules, conditions are bound up with this news season of IPL you have heard the ipl 2020 latest news about a term Bio-bubble in Cricket. IPL Authority is concerned about the safety of players and all other cricket council associates. The cricketers are positively taking this and trying to make their mind calm and focused.

Due to the ongoing Southampton and Manchester schedule, the International player belongs to West-Indies and England is staying in Bio-Bubble.

What are the major restrictions of Bio-Bubble?

Till 2019, matches, if they have some extra time the players used to go to chill out with their teammates or family members. When the players are in public places, it’s like a treat for the fans as they could meet with their favorite players. Now, for the present scenarios, a set of instructions has been designed for the players and everyone has to comply with it.

  • With this Bio-Bubble rule, no player can visit their family, fans, and outsiders for the entire match schedule.
  • If in case any player will try to go against this rule or not follow the conditions appropriately, he will be punished or fined by the cricket council authority.
  • The player has to go through the 6days quarantine period.
  • The Cricket Council has done all safety arrangements for their stay.
  • No crowd or gathering is allowed near the players’ stay area even the hotel staff has to maintain the self-distancing and specifically designed cricket council protocols.
  • This time cricket council has extended the practice session time for the UAE venue location as they have to follow the bio-bubble and self-isolation.
  • If you have watched the last few matches of England-Australia matches, the protocols are followed effectively. The view was different from past time matches. Audiences visit the stadium to cheer their team and players but this time the audience is staying at home and cheering from their place, the stadiums are free from the audience.
  • The shout out and voices of the audience are completely missing from the ground so, at the moment, the cricketer hit the boundaries, grab the wicket, or a player completed his century, although the cricketer will show their gratitude in their identified style many things that we see on the ground will be missed from the ground. The new season of IPL will give a completely different experience for all the audience, players, and council too.
  • This time, the cricketers have to avoid the extra-traveling in the middle of the match schedule, they will have to follow the bio-bubble atmosphere to reduce the risk of infection, otherwise, it will affect the IPL 2020 schedule time table.
  • A commentator area is booked for the experts that give information about the cricketer’s on-ground performances and their amazing batting and bowling skills. But due to the current scenario, remote commentary can be an option.


We know due to this pandemic, a lot of things have been changed. People are sharing different opinions regarding IPL preparation, rules, protocols, bio-bubble arrangement, and other things. But due to the current situation, it is required and mandatory too.

Now, just forget everything and get ready to experience the match of IPL 2020, to get the details in Marathi language tune any Live Marathi news channel.


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