Multi-tenant Contact Center Software for businesses

Multi-tenant contact center software is a call center software where only a single package can serve various customers. It offers users to establish separate tenant distributions where one talent can access other tenants’ data or configuration. Through the admin panel, a superuser can authorize the tenants without the requirement to control every panel.

Features of Multi-tenant Contact Center Software

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

In a multi-tenant contact center software, the customers hear the first IVR right after connecting with customer service agents. Interactive Voice Response supports you to be available 24*7 by picking up calls instantly. The feature communicates through the DTMF keypad tones and offers customers customized responses.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

ACD makes sure that your calls are routed to the right agent automatically. It helps to decrease the waiting time of customers. It is a must feature for every call center software as it allows the structurally handling of consumers.

Call recordings

The call recording feature helps call centers to record all the incoming and outgoing calls. It helps call center managers to analyze the call quality. Contact centers can use this feature to train new agents and can set the benchmark for call quality.

Routing based on skill

Based on the skill-set of the agents, skill-based routing can be done. Contact center managers categorize agents based on various skills to use the solution entirely. They can classify agents on multiple parameters such as region, demographics, expertise, or other. The customers first submit their queries to IVR. Then, IVR routes the call to the most qualified agent who fulfills the caller requirements.

Live call transfer function

The call transfer function allows agents to transfer their calls to another agent. They can use the feature from their phones and without even disconnecting the call. The agents may use the call transfer feature if they are unable to understand or resolve the customer’s query. 

Call Tracking and Analyzing

It keeps track of all your business activities for 365 days. It is a very challenging task to manage a call center while keeping both the customers and agents happy. By using contact center software, it is just a cakewalk to do a challenging job. Using the feature, you can track answered and unanswered calls and analyze the performance of every agent.

Analytical Data

Contact center software allows us to see call volume on various days and track peak hours using analytical reports. It is imperative to use analytical reports while making staffing decisions, evaluating the performance of agents, teams, departments, and the entire contact center.

CRM Integration

Contact center software comes with CRM integration, which offers agents with an extensive view of the callers. It helps agents resolve caller queries with the personalized experience. Whenever a caller contacts the customer care, agents can see all the information related to their previous conversations.

Why businesses should have Contact Center Software

Enhances Reporting Features

The reporting features offer contact center managers all the critical data they want to build strategy and make vital decisions.

Improved Customer Service Management

A perfect customer service management system enables the agents to instantly access, gather, and transmit data to offer a smooth transition.

Improved Data Access

Agents can have access to customer’s data with the call center solution. Also, it enables agents to communicate with customers comprehensively.

Advanced Productivity and Performance

Contact center software can track the calls effortlessly. Also, call center authorities can enhance the floor’s productivity by routing the calls to the right agent.

Reduced Costs

Advanced productivity and performance drive contact centers to reduce their costs. They can use a predictive dialer integrated with the contact center software to reduce the costs to a significant amount.

Improved responsibility and communication

Contact center solutions provide excellent accountability. So, every agent can understand their responsibility in the sales process and customer services.

Excellent customer support

User experience improves when call centers deliver right and appropriate content with the personalized touch. Contact center software streamlines data processing and promotes enhanced brand loyalty and customer retention. 

Final words

Contact centers require highly skilled agents along with the excellent call center software. A multi-tenant contact center software will not only minimize the efforts of agents but also enhance their performance and productivity of the company.

Businesses interested in contact center software can contact HoduSoft for customized software as per their needs.

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