Pink Diamonds: Flaunt the finest and rare collection of stones

Pink Diamonds

Are you fond of diamond collections? Are you looking forward to buying rare and exquisite diamond pieces? Argyle pink diamonds are the purest and most expensive rare forms of gems. 

Pink precious stones are definitively what the name infers. Buy argyle pink diamonds that are pink because of the additional pressure they underwent during their development interaction, which occurred millions of years back. “Extravagant Colored Diamonds” is the category of jewels that incorporates these types of precious stones.

The nature of precious stones’ pink colour gets determined by several elements. Scopes of different shades of pink to look over include purple, pale pink, pastel pink, violet-pink, and dark pink.

Pink diamonds of Argyle are found in various countries like Canada, Brazil, and Tanzania. The diamond mining industry in Western Australia remains the most notable and famous. This mining industry produces 92% of the world’s pink diamond jewels.

How to distinguish a genuine argyle precious stone ring?

Whenever you glance at your Argyle pink diamond with a magnifier and recognise no defects, they are false diamonds. The genuine diamond jewels concoct blemishes. The real Argyle diamonds look exquisite, stunning, and exemplary.

Deal with trustworthy diamond merchants.

A solid justification is required for the clients to be careful while searching for a trustworthy supplier of Argyle jewels. It is because of their demand, shortage, and high worth. If you avoid mishaps and unpleasant situations, research the genuine diamond merchants who sell good and rare exquisite pieces of pink diamonds. Brainstorm and discuss your expectations and budget according to your requirements that fit into today’s diamond market. As the pink colour of the diamond stone gets darker and more intense, the availability decreases, and the cost increases. 

Colour scales such as hue, contrast, brightness, saturation, and vignette determine the cost of these pink argyle diamonds. And it remains hard to analyse the depth and luminous intensity of the pink-coloured diamonds. The colour scale numbering for pink hues ranges from one to nine, depending on their shade. This scale is derived from the GIA method. The purity and the weightage of stones remain essential in determining the cost. The shape, type of cut, and crystal clear clarity make these diamonds increasingly stunning and astonishing. 

Accreditation and fundamental reports

While purchasing genuine gems or any piece of diamond requires affirmation and authorisation that any buyer ought to know about the diamond’s features.

Argyle diamond rings are more alluring, and it is planned and remains accessible with a wide range of metals like gold, silver, and platinum. They are also found in many shades, like dark pink, light pink, purple, violet, and magenta. According to skin colour and personal choices, you get to choose the colour of diamonds on your own. When you buy argyle pink diamonds, look for all the licences, certifications, guarantees, and warranty cards for diamond and carat verification. 

Know before investing

You need to be smart enough to know the amount you need to invest in pink diamonds in the present market. When the pink tone is hazier, more uncommon than all the more expensive, this is for most cases. 

Carat costs for fine argyle pink diamonds might go from $10 to $70 million per carat. The expense also depends upon the power of the pink colour.

Buy these rare, classic, and unique pieces of diamonds and impress your loved ones.


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