Salient Reasons for Raising Superworms


You must have heard about superworms. Do you know that many households in USA raise superworms? It is a profitable thing to raise them. If you have reptile pets in house, you need to feed them properly. Most of the reptile pets love eating superworms. Basically, these worms (insects) possess high protein, vitamins and minerals. They give nutrition to the body of your pet. Most importantly, a lot of people in different regions prefer eating superworms. These insects are regarded as the source easy to assimilate protein substance for humans. In the following section, you shall find many reasons to raise superworm beetle

1.Superworms Have High Demand

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Today, super worms have high demand in the market. There are many reasons behind the increasing demand of the superworms. Some of the reasons are listed in the following section.

  • Food for Chicken: Superworms are used as foods for chickens in hatcheries. Instead of using millet worms, superworms are getting used as foods for chicken for giving them better nutrition. When chicken gets better nutrition, it gives more meat.
  • Food for Reptiles: It has become quite common to adopt reptiles as pets in the USA. A large number of people adopt reptiles like bearded dragons, Tokay gecko, etc. They need to be fed properly, like any other pets. You can get readymade foods for dogs and cats in the supermarket. For reptiles, you need to find insects. Feeding the superworms to the reptiles is a good thing. Hence, the demand of superworms is increasing.
  • Food for Humans: Humans can also eat superworms, and the demand is rising. Superworms come with easy to digest protein or simplified protein. They are also rich sources of many important vitamins. Eating superworms can keep your skin and hair young for a long time. Simplified protein is also good metabolism and muscle development.

2. Superworms for Reducing Plastic Waste

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Through various experiments, it has been noted that superworms can consume plastic. Not just consuming plastic, they can digest plastic. As a result, non-biodegradable plastic can turn bio-degradable when plastic is fed to the superworms. This is a good way of reducing the plastic wastage in the world. The process is still under experimenting stage. Hence, it is difficult to claim anything concrete in this regard. For various experiment purposes, superworms are needed in laboratories. This is the reason why many people have started hatching superworms. They have high demand in commercial and institutional laboratories.

3. No Worry for Foods of Your Pets

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When you raise superworms at home, you do not have to worry about the supply of foods for your reptile pets. Almost all reptile lizards and frogs love eating these insects. They are also considered as healthy for the reptiles. They come with easy to digest protein or simplified protein. Small lizards cannot east foods that are hard. Hard and large chunk of foods can make them paralyzed. As they forcefully try to swallow the foods, they injure the spinal cord. As a result, they get paralyzed. Sometimes, death can also happen. Instead of giving them meats or large insects, you should give them superworms for their safety. Eating superworms is simple.. Nevertheless, the nutrition value is higher than other foods.

4. Low Investment

For raising superworms, you do not need to invest a lot of money. With a small amount, you can start raising the superworms. The setup has to be done well, and majority of your expenses will be allocated for construction of the setup. When the setup is done, you need to start raising superworms. For raising them, you do not have to feed them regularly. In fact, lack of foods is necessary. When food is adequate, worms will turn into pupa. After pupa, they shall convert into full-grown darkling beetles. So, you do not have to make a lot of expenses for feeding the superworms. Raising superworms and supplying them to the buyers is a cost-effective business model. You do not need to make a lot of investments. With small investment, you can earn a good amount of money.

For raising superworm beetle, you need to follow the advices of experts. It is important to follow the right process of raising them for the success.


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