Secret Guide To Sewage Cleanup Long Island


In the event that you find yourself in need of sewage cleanup Long Island, we recommend checking out any one of the following:

1. National Sewer and Drain: 24-hour emergency service for clogged pipes and backed-up sewers at a fair price. 

2. Roto-Rooter: 24-hour emergency service for commercial and residential plumbing services with competitive pricing. 

3. AAA Sewer & Drain: 24-hour emergency sewer service that will get your sewer flowing again reasonably priced and quickly! Call them today if you need sewer cleaning up Long Island!

From here you will need to do your own research on the various available sewer cleaning companies in your area. Avoid big national companies that usually send out two people to “inspect” your sewer, then charge you for their “recommendations”. Always check local phone books, internet listings, or ask around for recommendations if none can be found online. Also, be sure to check out our resident’s testimonials of past work performed by the following companies if you are in need of sewer clean-up on Long Island.


1) Ensure that the company has the necessary equipment to clear the drain line you need unclogging. 

2) Ask for past customer testimonials regarding sewer cleaning services. 

3) Be wary of companies with aggressive marketing strategies, especially those who call constantly or drive by your house constantly with magnetic signs on their vehicles. These companies often do not specialize in sewer cleaning, but rather general plumbing work and hence they severely overcharge for their subpar service.

It is the responsibility of the user to determine whether or not a company is authorized to do sewer repair on Long Island. In order to ensure that a company is permitted to do this type of work, use the contact information provided by the state’s department of labor and inspect with them any company that you have an interest in doing business with. Any company that does not have a business license from your state should be avoided as there obviously could be a problem with their licensing.

In order to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate drain cleaning company, ask for references from past customers as well as any other places or businesses they may have worked for in the past.

Finally, to ensure that you end up with a drain line that will be cleaned and unclogged, always use the service of the most experienced and reputable company in your area for sewer cleaning Long Island. Always go to an authorized company rather than an unlicensed one such as “scam companies” or “phantom companies”. As we said above, this is a very important step if you want to avoid any future problems with your sewer.

The most common service offered by these companies is for one of their employees to travel nationwide to areas that are included in the map below. From there they check with their headquarters in New York if it has any workers nearby, then go directly to your home at a later date in order to provide you with efficient drain cleaning on Long Island.

There are many different types of services that different sewer cleaning companies offer. Some examples include:

1. Sewer Line Cleaning. This is the most common service offered by these companies and provides the same results as described above. Among the common causes for this is tree root intrusion, burst sewage lines, collapsed sewage lines, overloaded sewage lines, collapsed waste systems, leaky waste systems, leaky manhole covers or clogged pipes in general.

2. Drain Cleaning Services. You may need to have your drain cleaned when it has been clogged with sludge in your septic tank system in order to allow regular sewage flow through it once more. Some common causes for this are tree roots, poor quality or insufficient water supply, or sewerage clogs.

3. Septic Tank Cleaning Services. You may need to have your septic tank cleaned when it has become abnormally full of sludge and other waste materials, which leads to an increase in the amount of time it takes for waste material to settle into the septic tank. Some common causes for this are runoff from fertilizers that have entered the groundwater, wastewater that has entered the groundwater, or poor maintenance by yourself or someone else in order to keep the septic tank clean.


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