Simple Guidance For You In Dream Design Property.


Dream Design Property- A Beautiful Way Of Creating Your Own Living Space.

Dream Design Property will give you comprehensive guidance for every step of the design process, from selecting paint colors to installing a new doorknob. Every detail will be accounted for and answered – including how to create the perfect home office, kitchen design ideas, and what to look for when buying a new mattress. The book also explores all of your interior design options – crown molding, flooring in living rooms and bedrooms, window dressing styles – as well as exterior details such as landscaping and lighting design. It is an invaluable resource to make any space in your home feel like a luxurious get away from it all.

The book teaches you how to “connect” your home with the energy and the Universe. It shows you how to use each room in your house as a “channel” for that energy and how to direct it effectively through the space. For the first time, you will learn how to do this without relying on guidance from an outside source – inspiration – yet still be guided in the right direction. You don’t need expensive designers or a collection of furniture that someone else owns to accomplish this!

Dream Design Property will detail:

How to choose paint colors and trim, furnishing ideas, windows – everything. This book will give a detailed step-by-step process providing complete details on every aspect of design.

The interior design process – from choosing paint colors and appropriate lighting, wall coverings and furniture layouts, to creating the perfect office space.

  • How to create the perfect home atmosphere – even a second home away from it all.
  • The secret to creating the ultimate dream bedroom.
  • The Secret to Selecting The Perfect Bed.

How To Create The Perfect Office Space And How To “Connect” Your Home With The Energy of The Universe. This book will give you complete step by step guidance on how to accomplish this!

The Secret To Personalizing Your Bathroom.

How To Choose The Perfect Bedroom Furniture And Flooring (in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms). Everything you need to know is here!

How To Create The Perfect Bathroom Design – even for a master bath.

Step by Step Process On Creating Dream Kitchen Design Ideas and Appliances to match. You will learn how to incorporate all of the kitchen design ideas written about in this book into your own kitchen.

How To Create A Comfortable And Elegant Family Room That Everyone Enjoys On A Daily Basis. Learn how to create a living room that invites you to spend time in it! This book gives you all of the design tools you need.

  • How To Select The Perfect Lounge Chair That Fills The Room With Elegance.
  • The Secret To Creating A Spa-Like Spa Beds and Bath
  • The Secret Of Selecting Countertop Design Ideas And So Much More!
  • The Secret to Selecting Wallpaper And Much More

This Book Is About Designing Your Home Like A Designer Would! Learning How To Decide What Your Home Should Look Like To Make You Happy Is One Thing, But This Book Provides Every Step By Step Detail You Need To Create That Dream Home Of YOUR DESIGN!

Everything You Need To Create The Perfect Home In One Place! There Are 12 Different Chapters – One For Each Style of House.

Each Chapter Gives You A Step By Step Process To Follow To Create The Perfect Design.

And Each Style And Room Sets Are Broken Down Into:

• Flooring For Every Room in the home!

• Rugs For Every Room!

• Furniture And Accessories for Every Room!

With This Book, You Will Not Only Get The Specific Furniture And Accessories For Each Style, But You Will Also Get Building Materials Suggestions, Color Schemes, Lighting Ideas and All Of The Other Details That Go Into Creating Your Dream Home.

There’s So Much Information Inside of This Book That It Would Cost Thousands of Dollars to Get This Much Information From A Professional Designer.

This Book Includes All Of The Information Necessary To Create Your Dream Home.

And You Will Also Learn:

• How Much To Budget For The House

• How Much Of A Down Payment You Need (And How Much Rent Does A Small House Cost?!)

• Where To Get Loans For A New Home! And What Rate To Expect When Getting These Types of Money. It Is So Important To Know What to Expect With Lenders! Why Not Save Yourself Time, Stress and Money!

• 7 Different Styles of Houses In Each Chapter – This Will Help You Determine Which Style Most Suits Your Needs and Budget.


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