Slimming World – How it works (and what is it all about)?

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The Slimming World diet plan has been around for quite a while. The diet was originally founded by Margaret Miles-Bramwell in 1969. The company started with a few groups in Derbyshire UK, and by the 1980’s there were approximately 700 classes in the United Kingdom. Slimming World has since launched many more weight loss clubs, a magazine, a program for 11-15 year olds that need to lose weight, and several recipe books. Slimming World has recently launched their weight loss program in the United States.

The Slimming World plan is comprised of several different parts. In addition to their online counseling and support, they also have a food optimizing program, the Body Magic (exercise) program, and they even have a healthy eating program for pregnant women and nursing mothers. There are also several different eating plans to choose from for the food optimizing portion of the plan.

As with any diet plan most people are concerned with what they are going to be eating. One positive feature of the Slimming World plan is that there are no forbidden foods. In the Slimming World diet you have free foods, healthy extras, and syns. There are also three different types of meal plans for you to choose from the Slimming World Extra Easy choice, the Slimming World Green Choice, or the Slimming World Original Choice. The Slimming World Original choice is also referred to as a red day in some programs. You can pick one plan to use every day or you can alternate through all three of the plans to give yourself more variety.

Free foods include chicken, fish, lean meats, eggs, potatoes, rice, pasta, grains, fat-free dairy products, tofu, and starchy vegetables. There are also foods known as super free foods. These foods include most fruits and vegetables and they are also allowed in unlimited quantities. Healthy extras are foods that you are allowed to add to your meal plan each day, but the amount and types of them vary depending on which plan you are on. Some examples of healthy extras are cheese, breads, cereals, milk, nuts and seeds. Syns are what other diets would probably refer to as treats, but they also include larger portions of foods that are labeled as healthy extras such as milk and cheese. Other examples of Syns are chocolate, alcohol, pizza, and ice cream. You are allowed to have between five and fifteen Syns each day, but the amount of them that you are allowed will depend on which meal plan that you are using for that day. Syns are a shortened form of the word synergy, and the Slimming World diet brands operates on the belief that the meal plans work because of the synergy between the three components.

On the Slimming World Extra Easy Choice diet plan at meal times you start off by filling your plate one third full of super free fruits and vegetables. You may then add unlimited amounts of beans, peas, lentils, potatoes, rice, eggs, chicken or fish. You would then choose three healthy extras which for this plan include cereals, bread, cheese, and milk.

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On the Slimming World Green Choice plan the foods focus on carbohydrate rich foods and less on proteins so it is an ideal choice for vegetarians and others who don’t enjoy meat. You begin by filling your plate with super free foods and then add unlimited amounts of free foods. The free foods for this plan include bulgur wheat, lentils, couscous, beans, potatoes and other starchy vegetables. You then get to choose a total of three healthy extras which for this plan include hummus, a variety of cheeses, milk, and breads.

On the Slimming World Original Choice Plan the foods you eat are protein rich with fewer carbohydrates than some of the other plans. You can still have an unlimited amount of super free foods. You would fill the rest of your plate with as much lean meat, fish, chicken, fat-free yogurt, cottage cheese, or tofu that you want. You then get to choose three or four healthy extras; the amount of extras you get depends on what you have for the rest of your meal. Healthy extra’s for the Original Choice plan include baked beans, baked potatoes, lentils, whole wheat pastas, cheese, and milk.

These meals plans can be combined and many people have found success with mixing and matching them. For example you can rotate through the week with a day on the Extra Easy Choice plan, followed by a day on the Green Choice plan, followed by a day on the Original Choice Plan. Going through the program this way allows you more variety with food choices. However, the program will still work if you choose to stick with one plan the whole time.

The Slimming World diet also includes the Body Magic exercise plan. The theory behind this fitness plan is to ease the body into a fitness routine slowly by integrating fitness into your daily life. For example, you might start by taking the stairs instead of riding the elevator or parking at the end of the lot instead of in front of the store. The Body Optimizing program has several different levels that members of the Slimming World plan can achieve, and they include bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. You achieve platinum status when you are participating in thirty minutes of sustained physical activity five days a week.

The Slimming World diet plan has been around for a very long time and those who follow the plan usually experience a prolonged weight loss of one to two pounds per week. In order to access all of the Slimming World materials online you do need to become a member, and there are also monthly fees. In return for the membership fee and monthly dues you get access to all of the menu plans, recipes, interactive tools and videos. There are opportunities to interact with other members through forums and weekly online meetings. Losing weigh


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