Solar Panels – Can they sustain harsh weather conditions?

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The concept of solar energy has been around since a very long time. It is now widely accepted by residences and commercial places across the world. It is essentially taking advantage of the sunlight and converting the photovoltaic energy to produce electricity or use solar thermal for the purpose of heating water. In fact, the popularity of solar water heaters in India is growing. 

Solar panels are used to harness the energy of the sun. A solar panel consists of photovoltaic solar cells which have the ability to convert sunlight into electricity using the photovoltaic effect. These panels are usually well built and have the ability to handle harsh weather conditions. This article explains how solar panels have the ability to resist harsh weather conditions and the benefits of installing them.

How Solar Panels Handle Harsh Weather

It is quite common for homeowners to be concerned about the durability of the solar panels especially, during extreme weather conditions. These panels are specially designed since they need to be placed such that they are always exposed to sunlight. This means they are also exposed to all types of weather conditions. All panels go through rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand bad weather including a hurricane. 

Hurricanes cause a great deal of damage like flooding and high winds that destroy everything in their path. Since the solar panels are installed on the roof they need to sustain high winds in case of a storm. These panels are installed to ensure they are always fully exposed to the sunlight; which involves placing them on a stand on the roof. Thus, the panels will always be elevated from the ground. The gap between the roof and the panels is of concern during a storm since the wind blowing between the roof and the panels will cause an uplift. 

Solar panel price in India will usually include the cost of installation as well. It is installed to especially withstand the uplift forces generated during a storm with the help of large bolts. Thus, as long as the roof is maintained in good condition, there is usually no need to be worried about the high winds during a storm since the panels will remain in place. 

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

There are many benefits of installing panels and implementing solar energy for the purpose of electricity and solar heaters. Listed here are some of the benefits:

  • This is the best form of renewable energy and is also beneficial for sustainable development and job creation.
  • This is a good option in rural and hard to reach locations which might not be serviced by a local electric firm.
  • A hurricane, small storm, or high winds can potentially knock out the power grid plugging the entire city into darkness. Installing solar panels makes a residence or commercial place energy independent, making sure they remain powered up even during bad weather.
  • It is fairly low maintenance, durable, and also inexhaustible and non-polluting. 
  • Besides the initial investment; installing solar panels will also result in the elimination of the energy bill; making it more cost-effective in the long run. 
  • This is an environmentally friendly method of generating electricity that helps avoid global warming, reduce the use of fossil fuels as well. 
  • It is useful for both small scale and large scale electricity generation. 


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