Spooky Days Ahead: Dive into the Fiction World

Dive into the Fiction World
Dive into the Fiction World

The days of exciting bonfires and carving pumpkins are approaching fast. Soon, all you could focus on would be the mantles decorated with skulls and pumpkins. The height of madness reaches a new peak every year when the younger lot embraces the freedom of celebrating this festival in their way. 

There is nothing like the lure of the fiction world on the eve of the year’s spookiest night. While many people impersonate their favorite real-life characters, there is a bigger group who relive their childhood superheroes’ or villains characters once again. Every year, you can point out a Spiderman Costume Leather Jacket among the hordes of cosplayers!

People belonging to all age groups harbor a soft spot for this mind-blowing event. From crazy man-eaters to extraterrestrial beings, you can find anyone sticking their head out on the streets on October 31st. DC Comics particularly famous when it comes to wild and savage villains. Harley Quinn, one of the most loved characters of the Batman Universe, is a top choice among women. 

Her colorful ponies, iconic makeup, belt, and vicious props are to die for. There is not a single reason anyone can resist her character. For a long time, Joker’s girlfriend is highly manipulated by the criminal mastermind of the gloomy Gotham City. Joker brings chaos, and this is what Quinn’s sole purpose is. 

There are numerous jackets Quinn wears at different times. The recent ones are showcased in Birds of Prey, including the transparent wings jacket. The caution tape jacket is another recent gem from Harley Quinn’s Bird of Prey. While you recreate one of her iconic looks, do not disregard all the hype her makeup creates. Half of her sinister crazy vibes are enhanced because of her bubbly yet vile looks!

Another one of the badass women who created their legacy, Mia Wallace from the cult classic, Pulp Fiction, is a timeless role. Every Halloween, there is a girl who dresses up like Mia in her killer bob with a cigarette in one hand. Mrs. Wallace redefines the term mysterious in the film. 

Fond of elegant and expensive clothing, Mia enjoys traveling the world and throwing shade around her fellows. The classic film has mind-blowing music and has been a constant source of inspiration for those who adore something unique. Mia is not the only woman men feared at that time. 

The nightmare of every adult and child, The Addams Family, has a couple of characters that were enough to induce numerous jump scares. Wednesday Addams’ character is a gloomy and sinister one. From her demeanor, it looks like she never learned how to smile. The dark personality, sadistic traits, and fascination for death has always kept her apart from the mainstream fictional characters. 

To portray her in all her elements, you need to do a pale makeup with brunette braids. The black and white dress is relatively easy to assemble, but the no-smile rule is the hardest one to follow. All these cunning female roles are a favorite for a reason. There has never been a character that could even remotely match these divas!

Apart from the cult classics and fright watches, there are some light but worthy watches from decades ago that are still very much alive. Three decades have passed, and Akira, an animated film, is still ruling its fans’ hearts. Shotaro Kaneda’s role is somewhat similar to all these females because they all stand out, stay true to their character, and leave a lesson from their performance. 

Akira paved the way for Japanese animations that were once confined to Japan only. Ever since the big hit, there has been no shortage of anime series and films. Studio Ghibli is just one example, and if it weren’t for Akira, there couldn’t have been this much-animated content! The Custom Akira Jacket is a jackpot for fans and divas!

The exquisite red leather jacket is a spectacular piece of clothing that can easily stand on its own throughout the changing trends and eras. There are not many articles in the fashion industry that have seen the lows and highs of evolving trends and yet stayed strong at their place. This red dynamic leather jacket is a must-have costume attire that at least once you should flaunt in full glory! Make sure you re-wear each of these attires with casual or semi-formal attires to make up for the amount you spend on these attires!


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