The Benefits of Choosing Simple Painted Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinets are undeniably one of the most important furniture in your kitchen. It’s one such structure where design and function coincide to offer maximum benefit.

Given the immense importance of storage within a kitchen, it is necessary to keep the cabinets in shape. These days the market witnesses a strong demand for modern kitchen cabinets that comes in a plethora of finish options, colors, and style. Also, there are RTA kitchen cabinets which are a favorite among all DIY lovers. 

Some of the popular finishes for kitchen cabinets include acrylic, laminate, and PU coating. However, choosing simple painted cabinets has its plus points. 

In this post, we take a closer look at the merits of painted kitchen cabinets, and why it’s an ideal choice for just about any kitchen.   

Minimalist and functional

Painted kitchen cabinets readily offer a sleek and minimalist look. When you look at it from the design perspective, the painted cabinets offer ample scope to work with shutters, as well as decorative panels and molding. Also, being painted there are no joint lines, thus offering a smooth feel throughout. 

For anyone who loves colors in their kitchen, painted kitchen cabinets can be a great option. You might settle for a specific color when installing a new one. The very next year, you can choose to paint your kitchen cabinet in any other color. Also, you can mix and match the color with other kitchen furniture and utensils. Thus, painted kitchen cabinets are a cue to a picturesque setting, especially if you have a farm-style, spacious kitchen. 

Promises minimal disruption 

If you are planning to redo your kitchen, you will need to tear down your old cabinets for a new set. By all means, it can be a total nightmare for most people. Instead, working with painted kitchen cabinets is a great alternative as there’s no disruption. 

Besides, painting is a much less invasive process that does not require one to empty the racks. Paints also dry much faster compared to other materials used for finishing. Thus, one can have full access to their kitchen in a couple of days. 

A budget-friendly option 

This is probably the most dominating reason for choosing simple painted kitchen cabinets. When you run the math with other offerings in the market, painted cabinets present before a much economic alternative. A painted cabinet comes at one-third the price of a resurfacing job. 

Given the fact that kitchen cabinets are seemingly the most expensive part within a kitchen, choosing painted cabinets over a modern offering does make sense. Also, if you are looking to replace your old cabinet with a new one, the cost generally involves the uninstallation of the old cabinet and installation of the new.  

The ordeal doesn’t end there as replacing the kitchen cabinets means you will have to re-install the sink, as well as the countertop. As such, all these tasks add up to a huge cost which might exceed your budget. In comparison, investing in painted kitchen cabinets is a much better idea. 

At times, a cabinet might seem a little worn out, especially at the doors, while the rest of it stays in good condition. In such cases, 

it is not a very wise move to invest in a new one. Instead, one can choose to have the doors painted for a fresh, updated look at a minimum cost, compared to a heavy and expensive resurfacing. 

Eco-friendly and value-adding

While you can always order painted kitchen cabinets, repainting your old ones also works just fine. Besides saving your money, repainting a kitchen cabinet is also eco-friendly. 

When it comes to adding value to your home, working with painted kitchen cabinets is perhaps the most affordable initiative that promises great returns. All you need is a good quality paint to stand out looking new and refreshed and add value to your living space.

Choosing your paints 

Now that we know about the benefits of painted kitchen cabinets, let’s form an understanding of the paints that are used. 

Primarily, there are two kinds of paints available to work with, namely oil and latex. The latter is one that supports quick drying and is all the way eco-friendly, as it carries a tolerable level of volatile organic compounds. Compared to oil paints, latex is a more flexible option and also uniquely durable, as they aren’t prone to the yellowish tinge that commonly appears after long-term use.


So, whether you choose to buy painted kitchen cabinets or repaint your old one, here are a bunch of tips that may come handy:

  • When repainting your old kitchen cabinets, ensure you work with the best materials that include a high-quality primer, putty, and of course the paint itself. This will ensure you achieve a smooth finish, and also make it more durable. 
  • Check for the adhesion of the paint and the base of the cabinet. It is seemingly one of the lesser understood points when working with painted kitchen cabinets. With a good adhesion and strong base, you won’t have to work too hard to get a smooth and durable finish. 
  • Before you put on the paint, check for the condition of the wood. If it’s damaged or termite affected, your efforts might go down the drain.

Lastly, when you have purchased painted kitchen cabinets, it is necessary to maintain the finish. A simple way to do it is to make a solution of dishwasher liquid and water. Take a microfiber cloth, dip it in the solution, and give your cabinet a light scrub. Leave it for some time and wipe it with a damp-free cloth, and you’re good to go!


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