The Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

The Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin
The Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Inventory management is a systematic approach to sourcing, storing, and selling inventory both raw materials and finished goods. In business terms, inventory management means the right stock, at the right levels, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost as well as price. Inventory management is very important for the success of a business. Proper inventory management can help a business from various points and can add strategic value to the whole business process. Some examples of the benefits of proper inventory management includes inventory balance, accurate planning, warehouse organization, and employee efficiency. The practice of inventory management proves great success so that small businesses also started doing this. Nowadays online stores powered by WooCommerce are very helpful to deal with inventory management problems. Inventory management is not an easy task. Manual inventory management can become very difficult, time taking and mistakes can happen. Modern technology offers solutions for  this problem and offers brilliant tools to deal with the challenge of inventory management. One of the best and popular inventory management tool is TradeGecko inventory management plugin. 

If you look for the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce you will be amazed by the rich list of available options. Picking the best one from this list can turn out to looking for a needle in a haystack. You  are about to introduce the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce. These plugins will enable you to efficiently manage your inventory. 

List of the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce


Smart Manager is a unique and a very popular WooCommerce inventory management and store management WordPress plugin from StoreApps. It gives you the power to efficiently manage products, orders, customers and any WordPress post type. It has provided breakthrough results for WooCommerce store owners.

       2. WooCommerce STOCK MANAGER 

            By using this feature you can manage all your stock and their availability in a single                   screen. View your entire product catalog at one go. You can set various parameters for each   product and their variations like price, weight, stock, etc. Show ‘In stock’. ‘Out of stock’, ‘On backorder’ for products.You can filter products by type, category, stock manage or stock status. You can also sort products by name. 

       3. TRADEGECKO

            TradeGecko is also a popular multichannel inventory management and order management software. It has collaboration  with WooCommerce and many other platforms. It’s more oriented towards physical products. You can view your entire product catalogue and manage them using filters. You can easily move your inventory from one warehouse to another.

      4. WooCommerce RAPID STOCK MANAGER

           WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager allows you to update your stock inventory and variants sizes quickly, displaying everything within one screen. You can update your whole product in one can manage your entire product catalogue, total amount of product in stock or in low stock in a single screen. You can manage multiple warehouses and stock to main inventory stock.  


            Orderhive is a SaaS-based inventory management software for multi-channel online sellers. It has a warehouse management feature by which you can manage your whole warehouse with flexible stock policies, stock transfers and easy integration of your accounting software. 

       6. ZOHO

            Zoho is a cloud-based inventory management software. You can synchronize all your WooCommerce orders with this plugin. Zoho has also partnered with the best shipping carriers around the world. You can update your inventory quantities across all your selling channels automatically whenever a sale has been made.

       7. eSWAP

             eSwap is a cloud-based inventory manager. Due to automatically updating and synchronizing functionality, you will be able to balance your stock levels. This allows filtration, sorting product using custom tags, view all stock in warehouses for each item, import, export to CSV, adding new inventory directly from eSwap and sync to connected channels.


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