The Reasons Why We Love Zoom Meeting Catering.


Some of our favorite meetings happen at the Zoom Meeting booth where Zoom Meeting catering is made available for purchase. Our catering is incredibly different to what you’ll find at other booths because not only does it taste great, but it’s fully customized to your needs.

“The Reasons Why We Love Zoom Meeting Catering.

ZoomMeeting’s catering is incredibly different to what you’ll find at other booths because not only does it taste great, but it’s fully customized to your needs. It’s also surprisingly affordable.

Let’s face it, catering is one of the most important factors to having a successful meeting. If the food is subpar then you’re likely to lose attendees, and if attendees aren’t happy then you’re sure to hear about it. Not only that, but popular booths are always overbooked causing people to stand outside in line instead of mingling. This isn’t fun at all!

We think ZoomMeeting’s take on catering is the complete opposite of the norm (which usually involves oversized trays of pizza and bad coffee). ZoomMeeting food offers variety, flexibility, and customization unlike any other booth out there.

The real key to what makes ZoomMeeting different is the ability to customize each food option. Let’s use cookies for example: You can purchase cookies in bulk or individually. So not only can you get a ton of cookies if you need it, but you can also get just one if you so desire.

You can also customize the cookies for your specific needs. Want more chocolate chips? No problem! Want less sugar? It’s easy. The best part is that the changes are all automated so there’s no need to bother a salesperson or change your order online – it’s already been done for you.

If you’re looking for something different, try our on-site catering. This option provides you with both food and beverage options. We’ll ask you what you want to eat then literally bring your order to you – it’s that easy! Our great food is also customizable so if the first time doesn’t work out, just give us another call and we’ll try again.

We’re free to customize your food however you like, but please note, if your meeting is during business hours, this may require a reopening of the meeting room. Be sure to double check with your hosting company before booking!

And speaking of catering during business hours… You might be wondering why the prices are so low. Well, there are a couple good reasons for this. The first being that ZoomMeeting is owned by one of the biggest venues in Southern California. This means that we have very low overhead costs which means the savings are passed on to you. Secondly, because of our heavily customized catering approach, we’re able to keep things affordable without having to sacrifice quality products.

The final piece of the catering puzzle is delivery time; it’s pretty quick! The average delivery time for food is roughly 30-45 minutes while beverages take about 15-30 minutes – this includes setup time! That’s pretty quick especially when you compare it to other booths who often take upwards of 2 hours or more (if they even deliver at all).


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