The Value of Home Staging for Realtors

Home Staging

The real estate industry has gained traction among many investors as people continue to buy and sell homes each day. Before the home-selling process, each homeowner needs to prepare the property by implementing several strategies to ensure that it sells faster and at the best price. 

If you’re planning to sell your home, you need to stage it before listing it on various platforms. In this article, you’ll learn the nitty-gritty concerning home staging that will help you get the right deals in the market. 

What is Home Staging? 

Home staging is a process of changing your home’s overall look by making it look more attractive and valuable to potential buyers. A homeowner adds some touches to the home by remodeling, de-cluttering, and re-arranging furniture, among other activities, to fit the potential buyer’s taste and lifestyle. Home staging offers several benefits to the seller. 

Benefits of Staging Your Home 

Helps Sell Your Home Faster 

No buyer wants to invest their money in a home that doesn’t look valuable. When you change your home’s overall look to it the style and taste of the potential buyer, it helps you sell faster. 

With the high competition in the industry, every seller wants to get a buyer within a short period, but this may not be possible if the home doesn’t look attractive. Home staging allows buyers to start visualizing themselves in the home. 

This draws their attention towards purchasing the home faster because they can already picture themselves living in the home. The buyer leans towards your deal, knowing that your home is valuable and worth a bang for their buck. 

Makes You Sell Your Home at a Higher Price 

Probably, there are many people within your community selling homes at various prices. While buyers want a less costly home, they often check for an appealing property before making the final decision. 

A buyer would rather spend more money on a valuable property than one that does look attractive. That is why home staging comes in handy. It helps you sell your property at a higher price regardless of the competition within your environment. 

It gives you an edge over your competitors, making you stand out from the crowd. While the buyer may budget for a lower price before inspecting your home, there is a higher possibility of purchasing your home at your price. This is because buyers will quickly get attracted to a home-staged home and buy it regardless of the final selling price. 

Attracts More Viewers 

No one gets attracted to an unattractive home. Every buyer wants a home that looks beautiful both on the exterior and the interior. When you stage your home, you will attract more viewers than another seller who did not stage their home. 

Once you remodel it, you will need to post the photos on various platforms so that potential buyers can visualize them before they come to inspect the property. If your home doesn’t look attractive, no one will bother looking at your photos. 

Serious buyers often do not want to waste time checking out unattractive property. Once you market your home after staging it, you can be sure that any buyer will come to view your property. This can lead to valuable and serious buyers who might purchase your property without a second thought. 

It also helps you stand out from the crowd no matter the competition around you. If your competitors list their homes before home-staging, be sure that you will always be ahead of them. Your home-staged property will attract higher bidders over your competitors. 

Pros and Cons of Digital Staging 

With the advanced technology in the real estate industry, many sellers are now turning to digital staging mainly because it is cost-effective. Buyers can now shop for potential homes via digital platforms from their homes’ comfort using a smartphone without physically visiting the property. While this is a cheaper option, it has various pros and cons. 


Every home seller wants to save money and time given every slight opportunity. When it comes to choosing between digital and physical staging, some sellers go for digital staging due to the following reasons. 

• It is cost-friendly and convenient, unlike physical staging, which can cost hundreds of dollars. 

• If you are searching for homes where inventory is limited, like Scottsdale real estate, you can get a good idea of the home’s interior and instruct your Realtor to place an offer quickly. 

• Virtual staging gives a clear look at the property by showing how each space looks. It makes potential buyers visualize being in the home. 

• You do not require much physical effort to stage your home. No need to move stuff around trying to re-arrange and decorate the home. 

• It is fast, unlike physical staging. Meaning, you can arrange your home in few houses, unlike physical home-staging that can take a whole day or two. 

• Digital staging is flexible. You can transform any room of your choice into a closet by being a little bit more creative. 


The main reason sellers prefer digital over physical staging is financial differences. While this may carry a lot of weight, it also has various cons. It can be a great tool, but it has various things to consider.

• It can be misleading. Buyers can quickly get disappointed when they come for physical inspection and find the room empty, against their expectations. 

• For the best outcome when staging your home virtually, you need to hire a professional to do the job for you. 

• Virtual staging is costly because you have to pay an expert for the services rendered. The expert ensures that they stage the home to fit the potential buyer’s demands.

When between digital and physical staging, you need to weigh your options and see what works best for you. For instance, if you plan to sell a cluttered, outdated, or empty house, you can go for digital staging. You can get the best outcome if you present your home properly, making it as appealing as possible to create a potential buyer’s visual image. 

DIY Staging vs. Professional Home Staging

There is a big difference between a DIY staged home, and a professionally staged one. If you are good at home staging, then you are good to go. But this can’t be compared to hiring a professional to do the job for you. 

Hiring an expert stager will be costly, but it is worth a bang for your buck. A trained stager knows how to position your home to attract the best buyer. You want to sell your home faster and to the highest bidder. In this case, a professional stager knows what strategies to use to make your property stand out from the crowd. 

They have expertise in the job with an extensive understanding of the real estate industry. A professional stager knows the current trends and demographics and can apply various strategies to effectively market your property through home staging. 

Professional home staging also saves time. As a homeowner, you have many other things to do, and you may not have adequate time to stage your home for sale. You can create time for yourself by hiring a professional to undertake the task with ease. 

A professional already has intensive skills in the industry and will work around the clock to ensure that they complete the task within the shortest time possible. 

Finally, a skilled stager has connections with multiple vendors, and you can leverage the opportunity to do any home staging project you want. This includes painting, flooring, and repairs. In this case, you won’t have to hustle around looking for contractors or struggle by doing the work yourself. 

The Bottom Line

Home staging is the latest trend that helps homeowners sell their properties within a short while and at the best price. The best way is by working with a professional who understands the industry well. This makes the process easier for you, and you can get time to do other things as you wait for the final deal.


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